Would You Prefer...

Picked this up over at The Steampunk Forum and thought it might be a fun little game!

For those unfamiliar with the game, I'll explain: the person above you has posted two options; you mention the one which you prefer, and provide two options the next person will have to chose from.

I'll begin:

Would you prefer...

Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin

(That is, to which would you prefer to listen!)


  • Frank Sinatra.

    Would you prefer...

    A zeppelin or a steam powered spider walker?
  • a steam powedered spider walker :D

    Would you prefer

    a cat or a dog?
  • A cat

    Would you prefer

    a submarine or a spaceship?
  • A spaceship, of course!

    Would you prefer...

    great artistic talent or great musical talent?
  • Great artistic talent

    would you prefer...

    To go around the world in 80 days (classic method of course) or to the center of the eath to encounter undeground seas, dinosaurs etc?
  • Go around the world in 80 days, which sounds much more adventures and Vernesque, eh!

    Would you prefer...

    The Empire State Building or the Chrysler Building
  • The Crysler Building

    Would you rather

    read fiction or non-fiction?
  • Such a tough choice! I think I'll have to go with fiction, although I do have quite a fondness for scientific articles and books about theoretical physics.

    Would you rather...

    Ride a giant lion or an armoured bear?
  • Since I presume the armour would restrict the bears movement in such a way that he couldn't bite me which isn't true about the lion:
    armoured bear (plus: armoured animals look kick-..s).

    Would you rather
    write a book or have a book writen about your life?
  • write a book

    Would you rather work in a laboratory or at a newspaper?
  • Put me in a lab! I'd rather be writing articles based on my own findings rather than reporting vague "sources indicate that..." and "apparently there are..." sort of stories.. ;)

    Do you prefer minotaurs or centaurs?
  • centaurs

    do you prefer

    Fantasy or sci-fi?
  • Science-fiction. I normally don't care much for fantasy.

    Would you prefer...

    Sherlock Holmes or Dick Tracy ?
  • Sherlock Holmes.
    I'll take intelligence over toughness any day.

    Do you prefer

    the seaside or the mountains?
  • Mountains

    Do you prefer

    Brass or woodwind?
  • Brass! Trumpets are sexy ;)

    Do you prefer

    spicy food or sweet food?
  • that's a tough one - today I'd say spicy

    do you prefer silk or velvet?
  • depends on the garment but generally velvet.

    Do you prefer

    Cats or dogs?
  • Dogs!

    Would you prefer...

    Light or dark ?
  • Light!

    Would you prefer. . .

    HP or Dell?
  • I'll cheat - HP for printers, Dell for the actual computer

    Would you prefer carpeting or hardwood floors?
  • hardwood, they're less dusty so I won't sneeze as much :)

    Would you prefer

    Marvel or DC?
  • DC, of course. That's what Batman belongs to.

    Speaking of which...

    Would you prefer,

    Batman or Superman

    (Be careful with what you answer!!)
  • Batman!

    Would you prefer

    books or movies?
  • Casablanca, Ice Cold In Alex, Indiana Jones...it has be movies!

    Would you prefer..

    To be a fop or a dandy?
  • Dandy
    - a dandy can be intelligent and witty, a fop usually isn't

    Do you prefer

    tophats or bowlers?
  • top hats
    But mine always get nicked by others so I've gotten a bowler now (well it's in the mail to me)

    do you prefer

    pirates or ninjas?
  • Ninjas! :D I don't care much for pirates, though Pirates of the Caribbean was enjoyable, of course--mostly because of Johnny Depp, probably.

    Would you prefer...

    A Sky Captain or an Airship Pirate ;)
  • An airship pirate, of course. That is my main steampunk alter ego, after all ;)

    Do you prefer watching a movie or listening to music?
  • depends on which movie it is and which band is playing, but generally I prefer listening to music

    would you rather

    Go to the mountains or the sea side?
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