Steampunk in Eurovision Song Contest

See this: looks like quite a steampunkish video from Croatia to me. And this contest is a very large one, and all of Europe will see it... a breakthrough for steampunk?


  • Why I think I can certainly detect at least some steampunk influence there! Though I don't care much for the music, the clip is fun indeed.

    I read the Russians won the contest this year. It seems it's becoming more and more of an East-Eurovision Song Contest! ;)
  • It was a weird night of TV, including Swedish aliens, a Polish mermaid, the Croatian steampunk-mob, the Spanish Elivs-is-not-dead-but-just-senile (sounding like the Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung), a Danish chap in Fin-de-Siecle dress that would look good on a steampunk con, Frenchmen singing in English (the horror!), Pirates from Latvia (reminding of Dschinghis Khan), and an extravaganza of Balcan wedding & funeral music (with, I guess, Goran Bregovic) that could fit any Transylvanian steampunk soundtrack.
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