yet another bunch of steampunks

... and gasmasks are definitely here to stay as extreme goggles.

Click Theres more where this comes from. These are the "official" pictures of the Elf Fantasy Fair. I wasn't there this year, BTW.


  • Great outfits though! Combined with the military pants and gear, it makes for a rather post-apocalyptic look. That, or a First World War gone awry.
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    Oh, don't be so critical. I think these picks are cool, for a sort of Edwardian Apocalypse feel.

    Hey, that's basically exactly what Ottens said. Sorry about that, carry on...

    And i obviously am a fan of the gasmask, seeing my avatar.
  • During the Blitz where where special "gas proof chambers" that babies could be put in with a clockwork "ventilator", like a piston that pumped air, i thought those lookd suitably bizarre and quite scary if you didnt know what it was
  • kiskolou wrote:
    And i obviously am a fan of the gasmask, seeing my avatar.
    While personally I slightly prefer goggles, gasmasks make a perfect part of steampunkian outfits, I think.

    Felneymike, that does sound bizarre! Would you be able to post a picture of it? All I can find is this stranger yet concept, a gas-proof dog kennel:

  • I went to Elf Fantasy Fair on Sunday (3rd year in a row) and I must say that on Sunday I didn't see anyone dressed in steampunk attire.
    For those that want to see them, my photos from EFF 2008 are here:

    Maybe we should just all attempt to have a meeting in Amsterdam haha (or any stop that is on the rail line from Antwerp to Amsterdam :)) because at conventions we're failing so badly!

    Personally I do own a gasmask, but it's not been steamed up. It's to keep fine dust from fabric out of my lungs while sewing :)

    My bf owns this kick ass WW2 gasmask though, complete in it's original casing and everything.
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