Atomic bomb alternate histories

Alex Wellerstein is the man behind Nukemap, where you can virtually drop an atomic bomb on your home town and see the damage.

He also has a blog where he's written a few counterfactuals, including:

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  • Great essays! I always enjoyed Wellerstein's blog. I agree with his conclusions, FDR was firebombing German and Japanese cities so the killing civilians with airstrikes line had already been crossed. Apparently there had been debate about this before the war.

    I've always wondered the moral panic about the decision to use the bomb. From what I can tell it only really emerged in the west once the Soviets had one of their own. Nobody circa 1955 (or 1985 or 2025) was going to launch a mass firebomb raid on say New York City, but an atomic bomb strike on the same was and is a possibility. I think that's what made westerners develop a conscious about it, retroactively, once it became clear that an atomic attack could happen to them. Since mass firebombing raids are firmly a thing of the past, conventional air attacks on cities don't get the same kind of moral handwringing, even though they were just as horrible. Shout out to 'Grave of the Fireflies' here.

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