Some exciting developments: the dieselpunk project formerly known as Acropolisworld is becoming Metropius, an animated sci-fi adventure.

Metropius, a city rich on the profits of an endless WWII, operates under corporate rule. These corporations have a strangle-hold on their citizen’s time, privacy, and the world’s most valuable fossil-fuel resource which has generated Metropius’ technological growth: the rose-diesel.  

This corporate power is upheld by an all-female moral and law enforcement regime, known as the Roses. These women have captured the hearts and minds of Metropius, despite their strict enforcement of unending wartime rations and workforce aptitude testing.​

Goodall, a P.I. and single father raising his only daughter in this world, blames himself for his involvement in helping the Roses come to power. As the Roses threaten to adopt his daughter into their ranks, a mysterious benefactor offers Goodall the opportunity to undermine the Rose’s grip on the city.

Forced to re-enter the criminal underworld, Goodall must confront his past and work alongside people he once betrayed. How much will Goodall comprise in order to save his daughter, and his city?

A taste of the artwork:


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