Madrid's abandoned "beach" for its working class

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This is a sad story:

La Playa de Madrid was just 15 minutes from the Spanish capital’s Puerta del Sol square when it was inaugurated. Nine decades later, the distance is the same, but the premises developed by the architect Manuel Muñoz Monasterio in 1932 to create a “beach” in the landlocked city are in a state of complete disrepair.

The great leisure project for Madrid’s working class on the banks of the River Manzanares now houses fetid mattresses, crumpled beer cans, rank swimming pools, tattered tennis courts and facilities that are at risk of disappearing altogether.

Click here to read the rest in El Pais (English).


  • That's such a shame.

    Hopefully enough people will be motivated once the pandemic ends (because let's face it, now they're not allowed to do much about anything other than to sit behind their computer or tv screens) to restore the area!

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