Brass Goggles

Is anyone able to reach Brass Goggles?

I understand from the people at Spare Goggles that some are able to reach the forum, depending on their location. For me, it's been down for months.

No word on the official Twitter account either.


  • At a quick glance, it seems to be operational. I don't have an account and I'm not really interested in going on there, so I just had a peek but it looks operational. Whether it is, is another story altogether of course.

  • So weird. So it's accessible from Belgium, but not from Spain. How does that happen?

  • Not a member, but I can see the forum just fine from Australia and it certainly has recent discussion. Maybe try accessing it via a VPN or something which doesn't show you're from Spain?

  • Visible from Israel and quite active. Not a member, sorry

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