Brass Goggles

Is anyone able to reach Brass Goggles?

I understand from the people at Spare Goggles that some are able to reach the forum, depending on their location. For me, it's been down for months.

No word on the official Twitter account either.


  • At a quick glance, it seems to be operational. I don't have an account and I'm not really interested in going on there, so I just had a peek but it looks operational. Whether it is, is another story altogether of course.

  • So weird. So it's accessible from Belgium, but not from Spain. How does that happen?

  • Not a member, but I can see the forum just fine from Australia and it certainly has recent discussion. Maybe try accessing it via a VPN or something which doesn't show you're from Spain?

  • Visible from Israel and quite active. Not a member, sorry

  • Since moving back to the Netherlands, I've been able to access Brass Goggles again.

    Apparently they're in a bit of an upheaval as they're looking for a new admin.

    In the same thread, J. Wilhelm is continuing his odd vendetta with me. Earlier he accused me of "attacking" steampunk when I argued against its politicization. We had what I thought was a fair and fruitful discussion in The Steampunk Forum, but apparently he was not persuaded. Now he claims I'm waging "a relentless campaign to malign steampunk as a movement" by - wait for it - occasionally promoting old article on Twitter!

    Why is he doing that? Well, my guess is that he's deriving some advantage from the controversy somehow.

    I'm always a little amused, and a little disappointed, when people make insinuations like these. Never Was is, always has been, and always will be, a volunteer effort, completely free to read. I must have devoted hundreds of hours to it in the last 15 years - because it's fun, and because I care about steampunk and dieselpunk. That's why I write. Not to malign anyone, or to make money from it. Disagree all you want - I welcome the debate. But you shouldn't make assumptions about people's motives when you don't even know them.

  • ^^

    We had the same challenge on the legendary forum back in the days. There seem to be a repeated pattern of behavior as new subcultures grow and mature, as some people will try to position themselves above others.

  • Brass Goggles has been down again.

    It's worth reminding people Spare Goggles exists. I understand they have reactivated registrations.

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