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With so much fake news out there, and even more media putting profits or partisanship first, I thought it would be useful for us to share our trusted news sources.

Here are mine:

Solid news


  • Frank Bruni at The New York Times.
  • Marina Hyde at The Guardian. If you were to read just one columnist on UK politics, make it her. She is extremely sharp, witty and cuts through the bullshit.
  • Judd Legum's Popular Information. Judd worked on Hillary Clinton's campaign and is very critical of big (tech) companies.
  • Vox: Top-quality journalism from a left-wing perspective. In particular: Zack Beauchamp, for ideology; Ezra Klein, for big-picture politics; German Lopez, for criminal justice and drug policy; Matthew Yglesias, for American politics.





  • Promising initiative by Yascha Mounk: Persuasion, a community/newsletter in defense of liberal democracy. It includes center-left thinkers, like Sheri Berman and Thomas Chatterton Williams, and Never-Trump conservatives, like Jonathan Haidt, David French and David Frum.

  • I like the Japan Times and NHK when it coems to international news, I've often seen them report about European newsitems that European MSM wouldn't even touch.

    I love how you have a list including all political sides, most excellent!

  • I think suggest everybody who is serious about following the news, and wants to participate in the public debate, should read at least one publication that doesn't share their politics.

    It's all too easy to be trapped in an echo chamber on social media.

  • I agree with you on that one!

  • Added Arc Digital, Persuasion and Quillette to the list.

  • This is a good reminder why you shouldn't rely on TV news for anything but breaking news: everything - the topics, the interviews, the guests - is determined by ratings, not by a journalistic determination of what is important and what viewers need to know.

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