Help with projects

Ok so we all have projects we want to do, but don't necessarily have the skills to do so, or simply need some advise picking out materials.

Let's try and help each other out in this thread!

I'll start. I want to make a solarpunk outfit, and I'm fairly certain I can craft fake solar panels (I'm not so ambitious to attempt making real tiny ones), but I'm not entirely sure what best supplies to get to build the LED lights to attach to them to give the impression tha tthe panels are generating the light. If anyone has tips, that'd be great! :)


  • I have an idea for a project with the preliminary title "Traces Of The Future".

    Based on my experiences with the Acanthus project, I want to make another database mapping the use of abstract and/or futuristic architectural elements that existed _before_ the modern era.

    This one by architect Schak Bull has some futuristic ornaments on the top:

    Here's another example, which we guess also was designed by Schak Bull

    1890's addition to an older farmhouse, unknown architect:

    Is it possible to identify an alternative design approach blending in with all the classical styles, years before Bauhaus and the Modern design movement?

    Any tips or feedback on this idea would be appreciated. (I'm especially looking for examples of buildings.)

  • Antoni Gaudí's "organic" architecture was ahead of its time.

    Casa Vicens:

    Casa Batlló:

    Casa Milà:

  • Hans Poelzig's Posen water tower is considered one of the earliest examples of Expressionist architecture (1911):

    The Fagus Factory was built by Walter Gropius and Adolf Meyer in 1911-13. You can see how this would become the Bauhaus style:

    Also check out the work of Amsterdam School architect Michel de Klerk. He designed these houses in 1913:

  • Thank you, Ottens! I found an example from 1916 in Bergen:


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