Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Pike Series)

CBS has announced another new Star Trek series, starring Anson Mount as Christopher Pike, Rebecca Romijn as Number One and Ethan Peck as Spock:

The series will follow Captain Pike, Science Officer Spock and Number One in the decade before Captain Kirk boarded the U.S.S. Enterprise, as they explore new worlds around the galaxy. 

I have mixed feelings.

I did like Mount as Pike and Romijn as Number One in Discovery. I still can't get used to anyone but Leonard Nimoy in the role of Spock.

The title (Strange New Worlds) suggests this new series may be more similar to old Trek, in that it's about exploration and adventure. That would be a welcome change from the war, torture and conspiracy of Discovery.

But it will almost certainly keep the look of Discovery: the redesigned Enterprise, the redesigned uniforms, the redesigned Klingons... breaking the visual continuity Star Trek maintained between The Original Series and Enterprise.


  • I am excited! I am actually more excited for this than season 3 of Discovery!

    They did have the "traditional" uniforms in the final episode of Discovery season 2, so that's at least something you can stop being annoyed about ;)

    Give it a chance, you might like it! :)

  • I find it hard to disagree with Bernd Schneider on this.

    On the one hand, it's a good sign that CBS is listening to the fans:

    • SNW is going to be episodic, as opposed to serialized.
    • The new show is going to "try to harken back to some classic Trek values, to be optimistic." Which is an implicit confession that Star Trek hasn't been that recently.
    • Pike shows what's wrong with the "edge" characters of Discovery, most of whom are eccentric, obstinate, deceitful or otherwise unlikable - and simply not Trek-like.

    On the other hand, it's going to be awful hard to do something original in the few years that are supposed to be left between the start of SNW and Kirk's era - without f-ing up continuity even more.

    In this regard, SNW is the logical culmination of a trend. For some reason the producers of new Star Trek are obsessed with "going back to the roots", with reducing the complex universe to a very simple formula and with focusing on known characters from the TOS era.

    It's an odd thing. The producers of new Trek keep going back to the original setting and characters, but they have shown little respect for the style and type of storytelling of old Trek. It's almost as if they think fans are so simple that if you just give them the Enterprise and Spock they'll be happy...

  • Ooh, yes, I was so excited to see the news about this! And the fact that they're going to return to some optimism (not that everything has to be optimistic, but anything other than grimdark double plus gritty and cynical would be a nice change) gives me hope that the series may be able to actually capture the spirit of Trek, which I felt Discovery has been unable to for most of its run thus far.

    However, I would disagree that the characters of Discovery are not Trek-like. The issue is that we've seen so little of them, and so few of them have had their characters developed, that they're mostly one-dimensional. When you don't give them the screen time and storylines to show their facets and complexities, it's no wonder they get distilled down to a single characteristic! Some of the most memorable characters in Trek are dislikable in some way (at least to start) or have a characteristic that could be seen as bad or annoying, but because we get to see more of them than that one thing, they're just more realistic and well-rounded for their flaws.

    When everything is The Michael Burnham Show and can't stop fawning over her and letting her do absolutely everything regardless of whether or not another character is supposed to be the one who specializes in it, no wonder we don't care about the one-dimensional background cast. When I don't know the names of the other members of the bridge crew until an episode that focuses on one of them, just to kill them off at the end, that's a failure of writing ?

    I really, really hope that the writers for SNW understand how to write for an ensemble cast and we actually get to know all the major players.

    Though I agree it would be nice to see them take the Trek universe somewhere else and play with a different time period. Maybe Season 3 of Discovery will actually manage to win me over by doing that...

  • That's a good point! I agree one of the strengths of Star Trek series in the past was that they all had multiple well-rounded, developed characters. (TOS less so, but it made up for it in the movies.) That gave every viewer at least one or two characters they could identify with and root for.

  • Is there a release date for this yet? Because Discovery Season 3 is starting this month.

  • I don't think so. Maybe COVID-19 has put production on hold? The latest I read was that Jonathan Frakes will direct a number of episodes.

  • The Strange New Worlds cast has been revealed as well as new sets and uniforms. (For some reason, they're changed again.)

  • I'm actually enjoying this show!

    Honestly, I prefer their uniforms over the 1960s version. The sets, on the other hand, I think should have been more minimalistic to be closer to the 60s look.

    But I love the characters and the storytelling. I think they're really capturing the sentiment of TOS.

  • Finished Season 1. I thought it was pretty awesome. I'm not a fan in general of the prequel tendency in modern Trek (the Abrams movies, Discovery), but Strange New Worlds I think found a good balance between nostalgia, in terms of characters and storytelling, and twenty-first-century sensibilities and style. Good stuff!

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