Star Trek Discovery and Short Trek

(sorry, not sorry @Ottens :P)

The trailer for Star Trek Discovery season 3, I'm pretty excited to see where they take it, although I feel that taking it to a Federation less time is both dealing with the remarks of many that it was too unFederation and maybe a bit of a cop-out. I hope they don't go too much off franchise!

I am glad to hear they are going to continue their shorts, but with the crew of the Enterprise. I would like to see more of them.


  • I'm willing to give it another chance.

    The tone and style of Discovery may actually suit a future in which the Federation doesn't exist anymore.

  • I am definitely going to watch it.

    You should probably finish all of season 2 before you delve into season 3 though :P

  • I don't know, it looks like Season 3 will start a new storyline?

    I did read all the episode descriptions.

  • Well if needs be you can always ask me to explain stuff to you :)

  • I think this is a case of "the less you know" ?

  • Yeah well, wait and see! :)

  • October 16th, hell to the yes! (or is it October 18? Not long now in any case!)

    I am pondering holding off 'till the entire season is online though.

  • Watched the first episode of Season 3 of Discovery, which is streaming on Netflix.

    Not bad.

    The far-into-the-future setting works better with the aesthetic of the series, which was one of my main issues with the first two seasons. (Which were supposed to take place a decade before The Original Series and yet looked more futuristic than Deep Space Nine and Voyager.)

    The collapse-of-the-Federation narrative works better with the tone of the series, which is about rebellion, the underdogs, liberation, the historically marginalized claiming their place, etc. This didn't make sense when the series was about Starfleet officers serving in a powerful Federation. Discovery "solved" this problem by making Starfleet leaders the bad guys. That might have rhymed with our current political climate, but it never made sense in terms of Star Trek history.

    So, I'm slightly optimistic. Let's see how it goes.

  • Three episodes in, but I haven't found the motivation yet to watch the rest. More interesting things to watch (The Crown, Fargo). It's not that these latest episodes of Discovery are bad so much as they are bland.

  • "Forget Me Not", the fourth episode of the season, brings back some of the old Trek spirit. I'm starting to become more optimistic.

  • All caught up on Star Trek Discovery now. I like this season MUCH better than the first two. It feels like genuine Trek.

    There are still a few quirks. (SPOILERS AHEAD!) The fact that Michael Burnham is at the center of every episode. Every episode revolving around essentially the same theme: the Federation being good and noble, and good triumphing over bad. Tilly being promoted to XO over numerous more qualified and higher-ranking officers. Philippa Georgiou - the character is wholly out-of-place.

    But, with that one exception, at least the show is about good people trying to do good, and the writers are finally making an effort to tie their stories into Trek lore, rather than ignoring the parts they found inconvenient.

  • The Mirror Universe? Again? Seriously?


  • I skipped the Mirror Universe episodes and finished Season 3.

    Not bad. Certainly better than the first two seasons. But at this point I can't see the point of a fourth. They're really telling the same story over and over again.

    Let's see how Strange New Worlds pans out.

  • Season 4 trailer has been released.

    Frame-by-frame analysis at Trekmovie.

    Doesn't tell us a lot yet other than that a destructive "gravitational anomaly" is threatening the Federation and non-Federation alike.

    Notable stand-out: new uniforms (again?), which match TOS color scheme.

  • Season 4 trailer:

    Another extinction-level threat to the universe, and once again Discovery is the only ship and crew that can save everyone.

    Also - yet more different uniforms and a reimagined look for the Ferengi.

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