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Share your outfits here :)

I'll start with a few of mine, I have been wearing a lot of vintage style stuff lately, more in a "historybounding" kind of way than anything else I must admit.

I know they look a little funny, but I'm embedding via my flickr page. I have a paid account, so mooching of their bandwidth is more than fair (they have an actual embed code for users so yeah) and thus there is no reason for @Ottens' bandwidth to suffer under photos that don't have to be uploaded on his :)

I do really recommend opening any you wish to see properly in a new tab, else you'll just have to click back and forth. Oops!


  • Love the Dapper Day at Home outfit! Very Roaring Twenties!

  • Thanks @Ottens!

    I do want to make an actual 1920s dress at some point. I have recently (finally) bought a new serger, but I haven't the right fabric for it in my stash, and I don't really want to go out to the fabric store at the moment.

  • Great!

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