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You guys, have you seen this?!

I kinda really want that upcoming rotary phone :D


  • OMG, I want one... No, four, one for me, and three for my grandchildren. Cool as...

  • "The un-smartphone" - love it! ?

  • We should all get one! Or in @lord_k 's case: 4 :)

  • We've taken up paddleboarding.

    It's quite popular here in Barcelona. Best when there's no too much wind and it's warm, so you don't mind when you fall in the water.

    The next challenge is convincing the dog to join us.

  • Paddle boarding is a ton of fun though! Ive done it only a few times (so I am super crap at it haha), but I would take it up if I could! (no area to paddle board near me though).

    Your dog is super cute!

    I have not been having a very good week. Yesterday, on top of everything else, instagram decided I had "broken the rules" (which is ridiculous because I didn't do anything off at all) and completely scrapped my account. And of course, without the full force of a big community behind me to go report to insta that they should reinstate my account, I have a snowball's chance in the heart of the sun chance to get it back.

    I did make a new one, it's steamandkittens, if someone wants to follow me on there. It's got the whole of two photos on it right now, and I am constantly waiting for the gram to delete that one fo no reason as well ><

  • I saw your tweets. What the hell happened? Didn't they give a more concrete reason? Seems terrible that they would just suspend your account for "breaking the rules" when you're not told which rules.

    The picture is not MY dog, by the way! I'm not sure we could get ours on a paddle... He doesn't like smooth surfaces. I just found a picture online of a Labrador who looks like him.

  • Well ok then your dog still looks cute by association!

    And no, they didn't, literally all I did yesterday was post a photo, remove myself from a group chat (for the second time, because insta had just added me right back in) and then tag some photos for a photo challenge. Went find 3 times and on the 4th photo insta went "you have broken the rules, say goodbye to your account".

    No reason, nothing, and there is NO support for cases like this.

  • So bizarre. And so rude! Do these companies even care about their users?

  • Of course not. We're just there to make them money.

    Mind you, instagram is owned by facebook, so some decency is probably nothing to be expected.

  • New opinion article for Atlantic Sentinel: EU Once Again Proves the Doomsayers Wrong

    Every time the EU is in crisis, you can count on Europhiles as well as Euroskeptics to predict its imminent demise. In the case of the Europhiles, unless the EU does X, Y and Z.

    Its never accurate. The EU is much stronger than most people realize. But how would people know if even pro-European politicians and commentators constantly claim it is on the verge of collapse?

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