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Bright suns and happy Star Wars Day everyone!

In celebration, we have a post up on Never Was Magazine with a really cool vintage style Star Wars lookbook. Go have a look, and may the Fourth (and the Force) be with you!


  • Pfft! Star Wars? Who needs it?

    I had an odd moment of cognitive dissonance today. At 8 PM Dutch time on May 4, there are two minutes of silence across the country to commemorate the dead of World War II. I was watching the ceremony, with the king and queen laying a wreath in an empty Dam Square in Amsterdam. But at the same time, every evening here in Spain, people take to their balconies to applaud health-care workers!

  • Wow that sounds so surreal!

    And the answer to your question is ME, I NEED STAR WARS! Darn it!

    You should be so lucky I dragged this here and didn't do a Star wars topic over in the Future section! I could have you know, there's Star Trek, but I didn't! So there! *mutters darkly on general principle*.

  • I wouldn't mind a separate topic to complain about Star Wars! ?

    In fairness, though, I loved Rogue One and really liked The Mandalorian.

  • You should go make that topic then, it's only fair :P

    I haven't seen The Mandalorian because Disney+ won't be available in Belgium 'till September at the earliers (and I'll believe it when I see it, because it's been shoved back so many times now). But to be fair, I am already over it because Baby Yoda is EVERWHERE.

    I did NOT like Rogue One at all, but I am quite looking forward to seeing the Disney+ series about Cassian Andor. Provided, you know, Disney+ ever becomes available here because I am so not bothering with a VPN and buying apple gift cards to pay for it in France and foreign accounts. (Like many other Belgian Disney fans are doing).

  • It's starting to look like THIS is the Star Wars topic.

  • You'll have to move it then :P

  • Done!

    I'll change the title too, but feel free to change that again - it's your topic ?

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    I love this Star Wars lookbook by The Closet Historian!

  • I didn't like any of the last Star Wars movies, particularly The Last Jedi. I think that one was a catastrophe! I do hope the illustrious Bobs can sideline KK and put that other idiot (Filoni) in charge of the Star Wars franchise. Disney Star Wars might then have a fighting chance. Not that Mandalorian is so wonderful, because it isn't. It's just that the other WOKE movies are so terrible!

  • I didn't have a problem with that. My criticism of the recent Star Wars movies is:

    • They didn't flesh out the political landscape at all. Where did the First Order come from? Who is Snoke? Where is the New Republic? Why is there a "Resistance" and not a Republican army?
    • Two families - the Skywalkers and the Palpatines - hold the faith of the entire galaxy in their hands, over and over again.

    I feel J.J. Abrams had a test-run with Star Trek, and then brought the same approach to Star Wars: soulless repetition of what has been done before.

    Nicholas Meyer, who directed Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, put it best when he said about Into Darkness (which recycled the storyline of Khan):

    [If] you're going to do an homage, you have to add something. You have to put another layer on it, and they didn't. Just by putting the same words in different characters' mouths didn't add up to anything, and if you have someone dying in one scene and sort of being resurrected immediately after there's no real drama going on. It just becomes a gimmick or gimmicky, and that's what I found it to be ultimately.

    I feel the same about most recent Star Wars movies.

    It's also the reason I liked Rogue One: it was a homage, but with its own characters and story.

  • I will agree with @thewilbur on The Last Jedi, I utterly despise that film. I really hope that they do NOT let Rian Johnson (or however you spell his name) direct a whole new trilogy. I don't care how much succes he has had with Knives Out (which I have not seen and I have zero interest in seeing it), the Last Jedi is proof enough he should not be let near another Star Wars film.

    I actually liked The Force Awakens, but it's best to turn off your brain and watch it like the popcorn entertainment it is.

    The Rise of Skywalker definitely had it's moments, but it would have benefitted from being cut up into more than one movie so it wouldn't be such a jumbled mess. And also: that ending , no I'm not ok with it (I'm not going to say more because I don't want to accidently spoil things, but I will say I'm not into that particular ship and I still don't dig it!).

    I haven't actually seen the Mandalorian. Mostly because we don't have Disney+ in Belgium yet (at the earliest this summer) but also because I was over it by week two because Baby Yoda was EVERYWHERE and Disney's aggressive marketing. It was just too hype and I'm not vibing it. I am vaguely interested in the upcoming series about Cassian Andor though. He was an interesting character in Rogue One, so I'd like to find out more about him. Mind you, I really did NOT like Rogue One one bit. I did, however, love Solo :)

    I do absolutely agree with @Ottens on all those questions left unanswered. I KNOW some of these have been addressed (and I believe answered as well) in some of the new books set in the same universe, but still. And also Hux, that irks me to no end. There are TWO books describing his entire back story, and then that's the portrayal he gets on screen? Especially in the Last Jedi it really pissed me off. Same with Phasma. Why weren't they properly translated to the big screen?

    Also: I still maintain that Snoke was the Grand Inquisitor from Rebels darn it! (Don't anyone give me the "but he fell down a shaft" crap, so did Palpatine, so did Luke, 'nuff said!)

  • Knives Out is fun!

    Of the three last Star Wars film, I actually thought The Last Jedi was the most interesting one. The Force Awakens and The Rise of Skywalker largely follow the template established in the first six films. The Last Jedi took a bit of a risk and had a different tone, which I thought was refreshing.

    Agree on Hux - I thought that storyline was ridiculous.

    The character of Phasma felt superfluous. What was the point of her? Could have freed up screen time for more backstory and character development.

  • There is an entire backstory to Phasma and why she and Hux are working together. Again: explained only in the books...

    I love books, I love reading, but surely the books should be better expanding on the universe AFTER the movies are done, like they used to be. Let's continue the adventure in books, not "hahahha we will do it this way that the movie watcher has so many questions and has no other option than spend MORE money on books to find out!"

    That's the Disney money grabbing approach, and it doesn't work. It puts the movies in a bad light, and only the most die-hard fans with enough time to read several books will go for it. The rest will just read wikipedia if they can be bothered.

    I'm ok with books filling in if you have actually parts that aren't glaring movie gaps, such as "From a Certain Point of View". Where you get short stories from the perspective of the droid that short cirquited, leading the Skywalkers to take R2D2 instead. Of the creature in the trash compactor that the heroes faced trying to rescue Leia, and more that I can't mention without spoilers. If you're a Star Wars fan, that's a book I would recommend (warning: some of the stories are incredibly sad though).

  • I'll have to agree with Ottens on this one; sorry Star Wars fans! Rian Johnson is a brilliant director, and he was one even before he was recently skyrocketed into the popular eye with The Last Jedi and Knives Out. I highly recommend checking out his earlier stuff if you haven't seen any of it; Brick and The Brothers Bloom are both fantastic. Johnson actually tried to take the SW franchise somewhere new and interesting; I was into some of the new concepts he introduced, even if I think overall it could have used some editing. I think the issue with that film was too many cooks in the kitchen/too much controlling oversight from Disney.

    Then JJ came back and basically retconned anything worthwhile from Johnson's attempt. He basically did a remix mashup of greatest hits pasted together into a near incoherent nostalgia trip that, while vaguely entertaining to watch, was completely unsatisfying and just a hot mess of an attempt at a film. Very much his usual style of plot holes papered over with lens flares and explosions. Why anyone lets that man near a camera at this point, let alone a beloved franchise, is beyond me...

  • Well we'll just have to agree to disagree on this one :)

  • On the upside, we just re-watched The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi this weekend - and they're still amazing ?

  • Oh yes absolutely, the original trilogy is really holding up, even after more than 40 years!

  • We also rewatched the "first" three. I didn't remember Attack of the Clones was so longwinded! I actually liked The Phantom Menace better.

    Except for Anakin's incessant whining, Revenge of the Sith isn't so bad. It also has many beautiful shots of Coruscant in it.

  • The more I think about it the more I agree with the notion that the prequels were a good idea done poorly (I enjoy them all but I see all their flaws) and the sequels were a bad idea done well.

    And one of the places that Disney has done really well with is the books. There have been many good ones since the buyout.

  • The first time I saw Attack of the Clones I was going out of my mind with how long winded it was. It's my fave out of the three prequels but gosh, it does go on!

    Disney has also done a few really good animated series. Clone Wars and Rebels were very enjoyable.

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