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What are you all working on?

I am currently working on a pair of plain brown spats. I won't be able to finish them completely right now, as I am out of the elastic I need, and buttons (and buttonhole floss) and I am not going near the shops when they just reopen in a few weeks (I could buy elastic and floss online, but I would prefer to see the buttons in person before I buy them) so it's going to take rather longer than it usually would.

After this I will start on an atom era jacket, which I can at least mostly put together as I only lack buttons for that one.


  • I'm working on a small-format (A6) Aerofuturistic doodle using a fountain pen, sapphire blue ink, and Silvine Originals Pocket notebook. Will post when ready.

  • @lord_k that sounds really cool!

  • Working on the Acanthus project , mapping acanthus ornaments (plus more) on buildings in Bergen, Norway. The work includes studying old photographs, and that reveals a lot of interesting facts about the steam era. Just look at this picture from the old telephone tower:

  • Better stay away from that brown ink then! (I still maintain it's the best ink ever, and I full well on ordering a bottle when I order from my usual online supplier next. Which reminds me I should check their stock and fave it).

    @sizteves that sounds really interesting, especially for those into architecture!

  • I'm going to use another ink, blue. Where do you get you stationery online, by the way?

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    @lord_k :)

    They specialise in foundation pens and ink if I'm not mistaken, but I usually go there to get my favourite paper to paint on: Maruman Zuan. And stuff like Kuretake gansai tambi refills and a variety of other random (mostly Japanese) art supplies I love :).

    Actually come to think of it, I think pretty much everything I get from there is Japanese...

    Alas though, they don't seem to stock that brown ink. There is, however, a speciality store in Louvain around the corner from my usual fabric store haunt, so once the madness that is covid-19 has (suffiently) passed, I shall go investigate there!

  • Oh, Maruman! Love their Mnemosyne notepads.

    Japanese stationery is so good - Midori, Apica, Life, Tomoe River. Excellent paper all around. They also make great fountain pen inks.

    Most of my notebooks and inks come from Cult Pens (UK). Had some good experience with La Couronne de Comte (NL) and Casa della Stilografica (IT).

  • Awesome thank you for the tip about those stores @lord_k

    I will definitely have a look at their websites, because I rather not go out to physically shop right now!

  • My pleasure, @Hilde

    One more tip, this one is in Belgium. They sell Midori stationery!

  • Oh excellent, thank you @lord_k!

    I have nearly a full shelf full of empty notebooks and sketchbooks, so it's high time I start using stuff up before I buy more!

    In my defence, as I have to import my Maruman Croquis sketchbooks I tend to buy them 5 or 6 at a time, and a lot of of stuff was either free with orders or gifts from people.

  • You may like their selection of inks although ?

  • There is that, but I have my heart set on that Waterman Absolute Brown, and they don't seem to carry that; I want to check some physical stores (eventually) before I order from cult pens, as the shipping is a bit high just for a bottle of ink.

  • I believe Waterman inks are widely available in Belgium, as well as Parker Quink (both made in France). Regarding Cult Pens, I usually order a number of different items, to the amount of GBP 75.- plus, and get free international shipping. Of course, a single ink bottle is not the case.

  • Yeah, but not in my town. And I'm kinda not willing to venture out of my town to go shopping right now :( So it'll have to wait 'till a later date. I know of a shop in Louvain that might (probably does) carry it. And I know of at least 2, possibly even 3 places in Antwerp that are also likely to have it :)

    Eventually I will own it, you'll see :)

    In other news, I finished my spats, and am now eagerly awaiting the pattern I ordered to make vintage hats. It has the pattern for Hogwarts students hat, and whilst I myself have no interest what so ever to wander around with a pointy hat, I have several Potterhead friends that would LOVE one, so I am going to use this to get rid of some of my spare fabric :)

    It also has other hat patterns, so I might end up making something for myself at some point :)

  • I haven't received the hat pattern yet (I think I'll email the company tomorrow and enquire, as I've not received a shipping notification either), but I did buy a PDF pattern for a 50s swing skirt with crazy pockets. I spent most of yesterday (I probably should have started earlier in the day) putting together most of one, and it's now hanging up so the hem can set (seriously don't ignore this step or you might end up with a circle skirt with an uneven hem) and all I need to do in a few days is buy a zipper, hem it and sew it shut (with zipper in place). So yeah, I'm making a skirt.

  • Currently putting the finishing touches on a dieselpunk WWIII story.

  • Sounds intriguing! Please tell us more.

    (I deleted your superfluous post.)

  • It's an attempt to weld Red Alert-style crazy technology with the cynicism of Slaughterhouse-Five or Catch-22.

    It's in the SLP writer's forum now if you want to read it, under the title When the New World is Revealed.

  • Sounds intriguing! I'll check it out.

  • I am forever behind on what feels like a bazillion pieces for Neverwas.

    Currently in progress: 2 posts for my own blog (haha what a joke) and many pieces for Neverwas.

    I will get there, eventually!

  • I'm now working on a steampunk story for SLP's monthly vignette challenge.

  • It's finished, but today a big piece on dance and alternate history I wrote went up on the SLP blog today. It was a lot of work but I think it turned out well.

  • That's a long one! I'm putting it on my reading list for the holidays. Also promoted on our Twitter.

  • I joined the local pinball club recently, and have started repairing electromechanical pinball machines (pre-1977).

  • It's been a while since I played those!

    Are places like that open right now in Norway? Here everything non-essential is closed for at least another two weeks.

  • I suppose I currently have a few works in progress.

    1. I'm serializing the short alternate history novel I published a few years ago and putting it on Substack a bit at a time. In addition, I have most of a sequel to that book already written and plan to publish that in serial form on Substack as well.
    2. The Agorist Writers Workshop has a call for submissions for Scions of Nautilus "a competition-based annual anthology of liberty-themed science fiction novellas." I'm probably about 25% done with my first draft of that story.
  • Cool! Thanks for sharing, @josephwknowles, and welcome to the Never Was Lounge!

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