Resources: dieselpunk and atompunk

A large part of the looks of diesel and atem involve a lot of vintage styles.

Of course, you can very easily get your hands on vintage reproduction, in various price ranges (at least you can before Brexit really takes hold).

So here's a few (feel free to add more!)

Top Vintage

The Seamstress of Bloomsbury

The House of Foxy

The Heritage Milliner (also does bespoke hats)

Banned Retro

Collectif Clothing

Splendette (fakelite reproduction accessories)

Hell Bunny

Freddies of Pinewood

That said, there are some really good youtube channels out there that sew garments step by step, for those that prefer to make their own clothes.

I am personally very fond of The Closet Historian, but Gertie's World is also pretty good (especially if you want to figure out how to use Charmed patterns).


  • A small collection of retrofuturistic artwork on Instagram - The Floating Isles

  • They don't seem to credit the artists.

    I've noticed this on Pinterest too: people share a lot of good stuff, but they don't always tell you who created it or where it's from, which makes it hard to find more.

  • Yes, it's really quite annoying. Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram... they all have so many re-post accounts which find good stuff but often don't credit the original artist, which is a shame.

    As for vintage reproduction clothing, I have quite a laundry list of brands in my mental catalogue (having worked in it for a few years), so if anyone is looking for something in particular (i.e. pin-up, historical accuracy, plus sizes, particular decades, etc.) feel free to ask and I can probably think of somewhere to send you. Especially if you're looking for good shoe reproductions that are fit to dance in!

  • I am looking for cream and brown saddle shoes!

    Preferably real leather, but just fitting me will do at this point! I did look at all the usual sites, but alas, no luck! I do have a pair from Banned Retro in white and black and they are SO comfortable, but I really want a cream and brown pair and alas, the only other pair Banned Retro does is leopard and black and that is not going to happen.

    (How's that for specific haha).

  • I've been wondering about Acropolisworld. There doesn't appear to have been progress here in some time.

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