Mapping the Nazi conquest of Europe

edited April 2020 in Diesel
I'm working on a story with cool and historical maps showing the Nazi conquest of Europe, from the remilitarization of the Rhineland up to the Battle of Stalingrad.

I've got several maps and animated GIFs from the Why We Fight movies. These were American propaganda films made during the war. You may remember it from the story, "How the Nazis Planned to Invade Great Britain".

I'll also look for maps in old issues of Life and Time magazine. I used a lot of those in "Hitler’s Feared Invasion of the Middle East".

If you have or know any maps I could use, please share them here!

I'm particularly interested in maps that I could use for:

- The 1935 reincorporation of the Saarland
- The Nazi invasion of Norway and Denmark
- The fall of France
- Mussolini's failed invasion of Greece


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