Kaizers Orchestra (concert)

I can't decide wether to put this as steam- or dieselpunk or really off topic. Whatever.

Last week I was at a concert by Kaizers Orchestra. The KO is a band from Norway, singing some kind of Norwegian dialect, so none of the lyrics can be understood by non-Norwegians.

The band started as a punkband some years ago, but the music they make today is not punk at all. It's a mixture of many European sounds which makes it all a bit weird. There's rock and klezmer and stuff...

The stage contains, apart from the usual rock gear, two large barrels, parts of wheels, a wooden piano, and cosy lamps. There is a large sign over the stage with the name of the band, in my eyes in "cabaret" style, the roaring 20s, stuff like that. However, no girls dancing the can-can.

The music is rock. It has, incidentaly, strange noises involved, such as the piano, the upright bass, and the barrels being banged. If rock & roll had been invented in the 1920s, this is what it may have sounded. The industrial edge are the barrels, which reminded me of Test Dept. which I saw years ago at the same spot.

The keyboard player of the band is a bit of a weirdo, wearing a gas-mask during the gig. That's what made me thing "extreme goggles".
The band wears suits with ties, and so did part of the audience. It's a style usually connected with either steampunk or Resevoir Dogs...

I would like to put in some links to YouTube videos but YouTube is unreachable at the moment.


  • I'll just keep it here, mostly because I have never heard their music and wouldn't know whether to label it "Steampunk" ;)

    I've read about them at Wikipedia just now, but it doesn't mention any steampunk influence or the like. Well I'm curious to hear from them, once YouTube might be available again.
  • 'Merican tube works, and I sampled a few of their videos. Weird sounds, to be sure. And I agree, I see more punk music and mixing of different styles and influences over a steampunk visual group. Still cool nonetheless and they have some hard melodies I appreciate. :D
  • Ah, Kaizers Orchestra. I like their stuff. I actually own "Ompa til du Dør".
    If anything I'd classify them as Dieselpunk, though, what with the oil barrels and those lyrics.
    I have to confess I only know the aforementioned album but this tells the story of a Norwegian Mafia clan (under Mr. Kaizer) after "The War". This War must either be a fictionalized WW I (after all Oslo is called Christiania, a name it only had till 1924) or WW II (Mr. Kaizer and his Mob used to be in the resistance movement or in the Norwegian army both of which only fought in WW II, Norway being neutral in WW I.).
    Anyway, this places the action either in the inter-war years or in the late 40s/early 50s, both very Dieselpunk periods.
    I definitely recommend Kaizers Orchestra and this album which features mob killings, deceitful priests, prison work camps and russian roulette.
  • Oh dear, Buford Mathias actually understands the lyrics!

    I still have to drop by a record store in order to buy a spinning disk and after that to sort out the lyrics. I forgot to mention, indeed, the lyrics are supposed to be a bit off the beaten political track/anarchistic.
  • Well I do study scandinavian languages.
    Not Norwegian, though. I understand it very roughly but luckily the sleeve notes provide an English translation!
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