Alternate history imagery

Some depictions that come straight out of parallel universes!

A submarine from the Confederate Navy?

Unlikely to get re-elected, I'd say! (From a Worth1000 Conteset)

Please share if you possess any alternate history pictures!


  • The following series are from a Star Trek: Enterprise episode entitled "Storm Front" in which a so-called Temporal Cold War upset history and allowed Nazi-Germany to invade the mainland U.S.A.! The following are from a forged propaganda film depicting Hitler's tour of New York City:




    And a sight of a Nazi-occupied White House:

  • There was a TV show about the British Resistance a few years back now which had some mixed footage of static pictures of Buckingham Palance and St Paul's Cathedral with fluttering nazi flags superimposed over them. There was also scenes of Nazi officers colluding with Bobbies (scenes which where played out for real on Jersey and Guernsey) and British women on quaint village greens
  • I remember this programme: it was on the Auxiliary Units, a suicide guerilla force set up to raise hell in the event of a German invasion. The aim seemed to be to ensure that if the British couldn't have Britain, no-one else would either. All rather Japanese in outlook: I have always suspected that the British have a fanatical streak.

    There is also an English film from the '60s called It Happened Here, about a Nazi invasion. It's not especially good, but it is interesting and worth a watch. I suspect that's where the footage comes from.
  • I recall reading about such a program a while ago, but I'm afraid I remember much specific. Would you happen to know the name of that program or project, about what to do in case of Nazi invasion?
  • I'm not sure of the name of it, but it came in 2 parts and may have been on Channel 5. The first part dealt with German invasion plans, the second with resistance plans. There is a small site here:

    Interestingly, Philip K Dick identified the same mentality in the alternative history The Man In the High Castle. It includes groups of British who hide out in the desert and continue to raid German bases, unwilling to accept defeat.
  • This is positively more steampunk, but alternate history imagery nonetheless:


    By Mr Tyler West

    I'm not sure what the image depicts though. I imagine it to be steered by some British colonial soldier, with these vehicles belonging to the Colonial Cavalry, perhaps?
  • It reminds me of the 2000AD story "Outlaw" for some reason. It was a sci-fi western launched around the time of Prog 1000 in which the "deadliest man alive" who had one a quick-fire contest years ago was forced to compete again for his daughter's life
  • Not quite alternate history, but a surrealist worldview from Strange Maps:

  • From the same Blog, another delightful depiction of alternate Australian geography:

    Victoria is Australia’s smallest, but also its most densely populated state. Just over 5 million people live in the state, out of a total of 21 million Australians. Clearly, these 5 million Victorians have some issues with their 16 million compatriots.
    This parody map shows Victoria taking over the largest part of the country, pushing all other states to the periphery of the island-continent.
  • One more:

    . . . people from the Lone Star State like to state that “Everything’s bigger in Texas.” But apparently not big enough, according to this postcard map. A supersized Texas expands to fill out the central part of the US, leaving the other states diminished in size . . .
  • Ottens wrote:
    One more:
    . . . people from the Lone Star State like to state that “Everything’s bigger in Texas.” But apparently not big enough, according to this postcard map. A supersized Texas expands to fill out the central part of the US, leaving the other states diminished in size . . .
    Hell yeah! :D
  • That's one patriotic Texan there for you! :P
  • This image has probably been posted over and over, but you can't have an alteernate history image thread without it:

  • I'm sure most of us are quite familiar with that image already, but it remains one of the finest photoshopped pictures I've seen yet!

    I wonder who originally made it...? I suppose it's so spread around now that it's almost impossible to trace the original creator.
  • I hadn't seen that before... and it's got my Eugene Manx storyline writing cogs going... Well i'm gonna have flying saucers, "cybermen", stealth jets and an invisible Zeppelin but apart from those it gets a bit hazy... Guess i could rip off "The Nameless Man of Unknown Island" out of The Wizard in 1947 and have a submarine aircraft carrier too ('Scans' coming eventually ;) )
  • Another, more colorful depiction of a Nazi invasion of America:


    Found this at a Russian Livejournal Community for retro-futurism. Unfortunately, the poster neglected to mention the artist...
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    That's promotional art for a game, although the name escapes me at the moment.

    EDIT: Its called Turning Point: Fall of Liberty
  • Ah! I think I actually have some cover art from that game in my galleries....

    Might have been War Front though. I'm not really familiar with the games besides their concept art.
  • No that's definetly Fall of Liberty. I remember seeing that particular image over at Gamespot.
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    Returning to the subject of images you've probably seen before, but simply must be included, I've always been a huge fan of what those in my household call:

    "World War II Giant Robot Fighting Time: The Way It Should Have Been Done."

    ...which is not the clip's original title. Unfortunately. (Edit: The name is actually C.O.D.E. Guardian, as found on the creator's website

    As far as I know, this movie was nothing more than an exercise in graphic design, and, unfortunately, no game or movie is forthcoming.

    Though it most certainly should be.

    I could honestly watch this thing again and again... in fact, I think I'm going to.

  • Holy mother of...That was pure greatness.
  • Oh! I entirely forgot about that little film. I remember seeing it a while back, and absolutely adoring it. Thanks for sharing the link! :D
  • How New York might have looked after a Soviet invasion?


    By degerardo.
  • Particularly during the latter phases of World War II, German scientists and engineers worked 'round the clock to produce extraordinarly advanced jet craft and bombers. "DUSSO" shows us what those experiments might have produced, had the war been prolonged for some months.....

  • On the subject of odd prototypes of Nazi origine, the best website deicated to aerial madness just has to be Luft 46. There are literally hundreds of odd machines on that site.
  • Seconded. Luft 46 is an extraordinary reference on all of Nazi-Germany's weird aircraft projects!
  • Found this over at the Dieselpunk livejournal community:


    A plan to dam part of the North Sea thus significantly increasing the land mass of Europe.

    It's quite amusing, though as a Dutchman I'm rather surprised that this scheme does not seem bothered with the harbor of Rotterdam which is nowadays one of the largest in the world.
  • Frightning stuff, I'm sure the gallic races are happy enough without the lude northern tribes of their empire being connected to the mainland!
  • Post-apocalyptic Seattle by a Mr Scott Shepherd:

  • London invaded!


    Posted over at the Dieselpunk livejournal community.
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