La Vie En Boite: The Very Kitch Adventure Of A Modern Transhuman

This year's theme for ''La Manif D'art de Québec'' is ''Machine'' so i was expecting to see a couple of steamy stuff. Automatised shadow theatre, automatised magic lantern, mechanical puppet theatre| magic lantern hybrid, fantasist contraption drawing, so much things i wish i could give you picture. But paradoxically the more interesting piece is among the least steamy one. Its not just a artistic installation, its a story in art form. The story of the first succesfull attempt into transfering a human being into a computer, making him a ''quantanaute''(read: a transhuman in lack of a better word ). A fable of how technology overtake our life. The best part is their a vlog attach to the installation telling the virtual life of the guinea pig. And althought is a strectch, the tone is kitch enought to be relevant here.

In theory, the website is in french, but since the videos are silent at 80%, it doesnt really matter:!/
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