Fancy For Steampunk Warfare ?

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I found this online strategy game

...and i say to myself there potential for a strategy|role play hybrid game like the one we do with nationstate.

Here the idea:
1-it would be a multi-day game in a large map.It would be in team mode for plot purpose. Btw,we should discusse together of the background of each teams and how they came to fight together.
2-For each action done, we can optionally roleplay it in the to-be- role play thread here in the forum.
3- The roleplay storyline would be some sort of early bird WWI setted around 1894. We would start at OTL 19th century tech level, but steampunk will ensue throught the weapon race between the factions.
4-A turn=a year of the conflict.A chart of what tech appear at which turn will be made later.

You can taste the game in real time mode in the single player campaign before telling me if you're interested. If you are, sign up to the site and give me your e-mail so i can put you in my invite list.


  • Hum, i thought than multi-dimensional roleplay would be more interesting to people than that.
  • *sigh* no time for online gaming at all, ATM. Quit playing Iron Grip: Marauders a year ago.
  • At The Moment ;)

    Same here -- it sounds like a good idea but I don't want to commit to something I probably don't have time to pursue regularly.
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