Modern Mechanics, the magazine of futures that DIDN'T happen

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'North Sea Drainage Project to Increase Area of Europe': Modern Mechanics, the magazine of futures that DIDN'T happen
You might be looking at the plans drawn up by 'eminent English scientists' for the drainage of the North Sea, and thinking that it still looked fairly wet last time you flew over it.

The madcap scheme was dreamed up in the pages of Modern Mechanics magazine - and seemingly nowhere else - in September 1930.

The American magazine dealt in 'wacky' inventions and ideas - many of which never came to pass.
We need a "modern machanics" thread. :) (unless we have one squirreled away somewhere?)

[edit]It's ok, I've read the thread about the new colour scheme[/edit]


  • Now that would have created a nice amount of additional space!

    There's a website online that catalogues all of the old Modern Mechanics issues but I don't remember the URL...
  • That's it! Great site.
  • Indeed! I used to spend hours combing through all those back issues. I feel cheated by the modern age. It still takes me 8 hours to get to Chicago, in the 50s I'd have anticipated that by 1980 at the latest, Ram-jets and Scram-jets would be getting me there in about 2.
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