Two published dutch Steampunk stories by yours truly

Quite amazing that I didn't find a topic by myself about the first steampunk story I managed to get published. It was published last year april in the Pure Fantasy 18+ edition. There's a soft-cover version as well, which is cheaper but lacks stories by well known international artists. My story is called Stoommeisjes (Steamgirls), my penname is Jack Schlimazlnik.
It is in Dutch, if you don't understand, check out the wonderful artwork that has been made for my story.The painting is on sale as far as I can tell, a canvas of 1.5 meters wide. The artist, Remco Nieboer, has also made the "innercover" for the Pure Fantasy Steampunked Theme. Incidentally, he also does nice pictures of classic cars.

If you wonder why I didn't enter the steampunk writing contest organized for the theme: I wasn't allowed to. I was in the jury. From that I can tell steampunk is a very difficult genre to write stories in. It involves a lot of research and atmosphere.

The second steampunk story I got published can be found in the 21 issue of Pure Fantasy, of which I cannot find a link yet. It's called Wereldhandel (World Trade), formerly known as Verkoop de wereld aetherreclame (sell the world aether advertisement). The -again wonderful- illustration has been done by Melchior van Rijn - a very nice person, too. I couldn't find the illustration online (yet).


  • Congratulations on the publications! Sadly I can't read dutch; perhaps my grandmother would be willing to translate for me...
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