Airborne, a Dieselpunk novel

I was just reminded of this book whilst taking a walk through my local book store; I read it for an independent reading project in my 6th grade English class, back when I was starting to get into Dieselpunk, but had no idea the genre actually existed. It is the first of a trilogy of young adult novels, which I never finished because I began moving on to more adult fiction throughout the course of my middle school career. Regardless, the first book, which I have read, is incredibly diesel, revolving around the adventures of a teenage boy who is a crewman aboard an airship, in a future of the past where airships came to dominate transcontinental travel. It also has sky pirates.

It's been a while, so I don't remember all too much about the actual plot, aside from it involving sky pirates, and some bizarre flying creatures, but I do attribute this and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (which I saw around the same time I read this) to introducing me to Dieselpunk, and helping to spur my interest in it.


  • I've never actually read it, I'm afraid, but the websites for Airborn and Skybreaker a treat in themselves.
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