'The Mascot' (1933) - Tim Burton style animations



"A sweet, funny, and also eerie film that should be seen by anyone with even a passing interest in animation. Or film, for that matter."


  • Moved to The Emporium. That's the place for all things creative, unless it's steampunk or dieselpunk-ish.
  • What a cute little movie. Sixty years before "Nighmare Before Christmas" and sixty two years before "Toy Story."
  • Ah yes! I love this movie. I saw it a while back, as part of a weekly animation post on a blog I frequent. It is definitely one of my favorite animated films, and I've actually recommended it to quite a few people I know.
  • I watched this wonderful movie again. This time I paid more attention and noticed a lot more details. It is very intricate and sensitive. I absolutely love it.
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