Russia's Tank Boat

From English Russia:

In 1951, when the Soviet Union was on its high, authorities had an idea of building special floatation devices for tanks. First sample workpieces for T-54 tank were made at in 1952, and, some several weeks later tests were carried out on the Oka river. In the next two years trial test at the sea were conducted. And in 1957, eventually, the floatation device was passed into service.

There were supposed to be as many as 187 (according to the amount of tanks) floatation devices on the strength of the motor rifle division.

Along with that working activities of building floatation devices for T-55 and 3SU-57-2 tanks were lead. In 1959 at plants ?342 and ?174 there were working activities of commoning of floatation devices carried out. In 1960, an upgraded floatation device PST-U (universal one) was put into service.

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I miss the Cold War.


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