Art of Noise - Peter Gunn

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Came across this video - remembered it from a LONG TIME BACK - lovely film noir remix :) Keep Dick Tracy in your mind :D


  • Ah, the Art of Noise. I loved them. And Propoganda.

    Weird, the late 80's and early 90's are so back. I'm off to a metal gig this summer, and on the bill are Maiden, Iggy Pop, Terrorvision, the Cult, Motley Crue, Henry Rollins, Alice Cooper, Skunk Anansie...
  • I saw Alice Cooper for the first time at the end of last year - he was on good form :) Great to see a 60+ year old guy rocking it out (plus the sound mixing was great) and sounding far better than some of the young bands today.

    Terrorvision are back? I have to admit all I can remember is their song 'Tequila'... and Skunk Anansie should make for a pretty riotous gig :D
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    With Art of Noise I always think "Paranoia" and the very cyberpunk video with Max Headroom. Boy, that were the days... they never left me.
  • Dear old AoN- big, big fan from waaaay back- did you notice that it was a young Rik Mayall as the detective in the Peter Gunn video?

    If you're at all nostalgiac for that 80's electronic sound, there's a retrospective collection of rarities and unherad stuff due out this summer, info here on a truly exhaustive/ing 'official' fan site:
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