Designing the Dieselpunk house...

Yup, the whole thing, all 2500 sq.ft. of it. It's a 4 bedroom, 2 bath with two living areas, a bar and a pool. So here's the break down on what I'm thinking for each area of the house...

Front livingroom - As you come in the front door directly to your left is the main living area. It's sunken one shallow step. My idea is to give it a jazz club vibe. between my roomie and I we have an upright piano, some vintage guitar amps, a nice archtop guitar, an old school super 55 mic, and of course the elephant in the room, my 65" TV.

Bar Area - This is actually a wet bar and what was probably meant to be a dining area just off the front living room (really just a step up). The way I'm going to use it is as a library. It a cathedral ceiling so that wall gets bookshelves all the way up with a rolling ladder. Thinking a couple leather chairs to sit in, a table and tiffany style lamp and I'm good to go. Maybe this will be where I put my old tube radio.

Dining area - This is the breakfast nook really, but was the perfect spot for my 248 year old pub booth set. High backed benches and table made of english oak. Awesome historical piece and the second most6 expensive thing I own after the house itself. Going to do this area as whatelse....a pub.

Back Livingroom - This is really the common area of the house that gets the most use. There's a fireplace and the doors out to the patio just off the kitchen. Current plan is to give it a noir detective theme. My Maltese Falcon replica is already sitting on the mantle.

Alright, there's my give me yours. And bonus points for attaching visual aids to them.


  • Sounds amazing! What other spaces need 'punking? Bathrooms could be done in an art deco style, with lots of mirrors and cabinets.

    Keep us up to date on your progress :)
  • I'm thinking a phrenology head somewhere in there.
  • Alright, so I now have abit of a budget to start buying living room furniture and accessories. Give me your thoguhts on what you'd expect for decor of a jazz club of the era. As always pictoral illustration appreciated.
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