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Here a film i see long ago i just realised his potential to be shown to you. Genre wise, is a inclassable but its intemporal setting make him dieselish enought. One moment is the 1980's, a other is the 1950's when its not either the 1960's or even the 2000's. When this movie happen ? Heck if i know, it that why i proposed it to you. As for the sypnosis, it the horror|sci-fi hybrid tale of a orphaned detective who investigate strange disapereance in the eponymous town. I shall warn you, the movie is kinda strange. I can almost say is Eraserhead with a commonsense.

His IMBD fiche:

And some picture to make you judge of his near-dieselpunk intemporality:


  • I have just seen some YouTube footage of it. Seems interesting enough. According to IMDB, it has not been released in the English speaking part of the world. I'll see if I can get a copy of it (in France).
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