Watch the Radio

I don't know about anyone else but I have always been a fan of radio shows. I didn't own a television growing up and a computer was a thing of dreams. I remember sitting with my Mum in the living room listening to NPR and fighting with the antenna to receive decent reception to listen to old radio shows. My favorite is The Shadow. "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!" *sigh* Anyway, I thought if people were ever bored with T.V. and wanted to partake in some antiquated escapism they should try watching the radio for a while :D


  • Oh, another online old radio channel! Thanks for the link, I love listening to these.
  • Lovely indeed! Thanks!
  • Lovely. Made me remember 1960s Sunday mornings, when sisters and I were listening to the Dickie Dick Dickens gangster parody series on public radio P1.
  • Ah Radio! I did have a TV growing up, and spent hours watching the idot box. However, since I've had to buy my own TV licence at University, I've gone the other way and now haven't watched TV really in 2 years, and only listen to the Radio.
    The radio used to be a fantastic font of tales and adventure, sadly modern radio shows dont compare to the likes of The Shadow! thankyou for this wonderful link! and this reminds me of our old friend Ironmammoth, who makes the Dial P for Pulp! radio casts!
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