THE BREED (2001) - vampiric dieselpunk movie

I just remembered the movie "The Breed" from 2001 (there's another one from 2006 - not to be confused with!) starring Adrian Paul and Bai Ling. Anyone else knows it?
Though it is set in a near-future, it has a great 20s/30s look, a very noir like atmosphere and also 1984 influences.

clips & trailer:

some pics:


and an amazon quote with a brief summary;

"The movie starts with two police detectives tracking a serial killer. They find the latest victim--but they also find her killer, who proceeds to attack them. One detective survives, and reports back to his superiors the bizarre acts he witnessed. He is informed that vampires do exist, and that he has survived an attack by one. In addition, the vampire community wants to find the killer as badly as the mortals do, and have provided the use of one of their own detectives, played by Adrian Paul (of "Highlander, the Series" fame). The mortal detective isn't thrilled to be working with one of the same types of creatures that killed his partner, but has little choice in the matter.

And so begins a movie that is part buddy-picture, part supernatural thriller, and part old-fashioned murder mystery. In addition, the movie is set in a slightly Orwellian world--the colors are muted, and there are loudspeakers in the police station spewing rhetoric as the people go about their business. But some things remain the same--the Nazis did still exist, as Adrian Paul's Jewish vampire will attest."


  • That's been on my "should watch that someday" list for awhile now, but it keeps getting moved down the queue. I need to tweak our list a bit, I think.
  • Oh I saw that!
    Bert and I rented it some years ago, I remember I quite liked it.
    The atmosphere was very well done.
  • I don't remember this, but will try and find some time to take a look!
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