certain type of post-apocalyptic books needed...

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I´m looking for books with a certain post-apocalyptic setting.

Think of mixing Mad Max, Tank Girl, Judge Dredd, the Fallout games and the like...

you know - weird, colourful, action-dripping stuff somewhere between Near Future, Dystopia, Dieselpunk with Mutants, Toxic Waste, Gangs, Bullets, etc.
(I love mutants and toxic waste, hehe)

The "Dark Future" setting from Games Workshop is quite a totally fitting background (and due to the fact that it came up in the 80s and took place in the "then future", the 90s, being also a form of "past that never wasn't" ;) )

"By the near future of 1995, the major cities have for been split between Policed Zones and the lawless NoGos for over a decade (...)
Thanks to the increased pollution, drastic climate change and damage to mid-western water supplies would cause most of America to become desert ("the Des") from the 70s onwards. Violent dystopian gangcults - the Maniax, the Psychopomps, and the Confederate Air Force being central to the books - would rise to prominence..."

also the book "Damnation Alley" by Zealany is quite close ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Damnation_Alley )

Here are some pics which capture the mood I'm looking for:


I already know most of the books mentioned in the above wikipedia rticle, "Damnation Alley" (of course) and some of the James Axler series "Deathlands".

Any further ideas for which books I could look?
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