Metropolis - restored version on germ/french TV

This evening on 08:30 p.m. the german/french co-op TV station "Arte" airs the restored version of "Metropolis".
It's a live-broadcast from a theatre in berlin where during the "Berlinale Festival" this version is shown for the first time.

According to this article the new version is 30 minutes longer:

Hope all of you interested in this have a possibility to get arte via satelitte or whatever...


  • I'm afraid I don't get that channel, but please, let us know what it was like!
  • Somehow I doubt I get that station over here ;)

    Do let us know how it is!
  • What, you don't even get German TV in Canada? Tsk! ;)
  • The movie being supported by a life orchestra was really, really great! And it's always great to see these mind-blowing imaginery. I've never been a friend of silent-movies but "Metropolis" always gets me somehow...
    And - as I'm too lazy to write it myself - here are infos about this new version:

    "The METROPOLIS version 1927/2010 differs significantly from all the versions known so far. Although the plot of the film keeps its well-known framework the structure of the plot changes: It becomes more harmonic and more comprehensible. Especially the minor characters that Fritz Lang gives room emerge again. Two newly found scenes give Georgy, Josaphat and The Thin Man back their own profiles that through the cuts were almost downgraded to extras.
    The now included sequences like Georgy´s car ride through Metropolis as well as Freder and The Thin Man´s visiting with Josaphat turn out to be siginificant for the plot. But also the relationship between the inventor Rotwang and Joh Fredersen, the ruler over Metropolis, as well as the reason for their rivalry become clear through the current restoration: Finally one can see the famous scene “Chamber of Hel”, the departed woman loved by both rivals, from which up to now only one still and several descriptions existed. METROPOLIS (1927/2010) is going to be a film event of it´s own!"

    more info you can find here (in english ;) )
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