'Oil,' by Edward Burtynsky

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Hello, everyone, still not dead.

I was browsing through my local bookstore recently when I came across a interesting book in the photography section: Oil, by Edward Burtynsky. In case you've haven't heard of him, he's a Canadian photographer who's work mostly focuses on industry and its effect on the environment. Oil is sort of a compendium, documenting the various ways humans extract and use oil, the machinery and structures we build to support it, and what we leave behind afterwards.

Unfortunately, the book itself is about US$75, so it's probably out of most everyone's price range. Fortunately, most of the photos in that book are reproduced on Burtynsky's website: just click the link below and click on "OIL" in the sidebar to see.


Personally, my favorite pictures were of the old decaying SOCAR fields in Azerbaijan, though I found the pictures of the Alberta tar sands to be quite horrifying.


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