Pure Fantasy magazine has steampunk writing contest (in Dutch)

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I know some people here know how to read and/or write Dutch.

Pure Fantasy magazine is a Dutch magazine that has a theme in most of its issues and for issue 20 it will be "steampunk". Authors are asked to send their best steampunk stories (under 3000 words, and in Dutch) for the themes contest. The best theme-stories in the categories fantasy, sci-fi and horror will be published in the magazine.
They usually have nice artwork fitting their theme, so I hope I can link to that later on for those who don't know the language :)

It would be great to read more Dutch steampunk-stories. Apart from one of my favourites for the Unleash Award ("Wraak op het spoor") and a story in the erotic version of afore mentioned magazine (issue 18+).

Information & questions (in Dutch)


  • Good stuff. I'd never actually hard of this magazine, but it would seem that steampunk is finally breaking through in the Low Countries as well!
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