Citroen's early Armoured Cars

Dating from the Dawn of the Dieselpunk era, these vehicles are often ugly & not infrequently impractical & yet I can't help but love them. Anyone else?


  • Great find! :D

    So far, the most exciting thing I knew Citroen had done was sponsor the first motorized crossing of the Sahara. We had an article on that in issue #2 of the Gatehouse Gazette.
  • Thank you Ottens, they have always struck me as being a quintessentially Dieselpunk marque & I feel that these images enhance that view
  • When I wrote the Lemuria dieselpunk book for d20 Modern, this type of half-tracks were of great importance. Regretably for you guys, the book is in Swedish.
  • Would you mind terribly then to share it with a fellow countryman? Email's in my profile :)

    And these are some great pictures Professor. Good find.
  • Here is a Danish website devoted to the vehicles, with some nice videos.

    Dieselpunk with pith helmets. Bulldog Drummond would have loved it.
  • Actually, I find that as armored cars go, these are pretty good looking. Or maybe that is just because of the Dieselpunk aesthetic. Either way, great find!
  • I love these because they look like a city car was fused to a small tank by a mad scientist. They're pretty awesome vehicles.
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    Absolutely adorable oddities! :D
  • Got to love the half-track tankette. I think I need one for the Boston traffic, and oh so convenient to park due to its compact size. Very nice find sir.
  • They remind of Lenin's half-tracked Rolls Royce, which took such vehicles into the luxury realm.
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