Playboy Bachelor Pad

The post some time ago on the ultimate Playboy Bachelor Pad was so cool I decided that I just had to model it in 3D so I could walk around in it and see what it would be like to visit. It has become something of a hobby as the model is so elaborate it will take a very long time to complete. I mean I just HAVE to model every bottle of whiskey and stereo component in all of their period coolness.

Although this is far from finished, I thought I would start posting the work in progress. Forgive the modern Mercedes in the garage. Its a placeholder for now. An E type Jag is in the works. Too bad they didn't print a plan view of this place as a lot of it is a big question mark. For instance I have included a second set of stairs from the kitchen up to the study that are not seen in the printed section but mentioned in the text.
Anyway, I'll be posting more views of the interiors of the rooms as the model progresses. Hope you enjoy.

PS, I have started to populate the place as if a party were in progress. In the recreation room by the pool we can see Cary Grant, Ursula Andress and Anita Eckberg. Hef is seated at the dining table adjacent to the Kitchen. Upstairs in the Living room, Frank Sinatra is by the fireplace and in the study are Andy Warhol and Stanley Kubrick.



  • Wow! :D Already that looks quite spectacular, sir! I'll definitely want to make a post about this at the blog soon.

    The inclusion of era celebrities makes it all the more glamorous. Please, do keep us posted!

    Those of you who don't know what it's based on, click here.
  • I think it's really cool that it'll be a 3D thing to walk through but I have to admit it's not my cup of tea house wise. But that's just personal taste really.
  • It's a "guy thing".
  • Okay, here is the first image from the interior of the Pad. This room is more or less complete. Of course its the Master Bedroom. In this first Image I tried to duplicate the rendering in the magazine as closely as possible. Of course the centerpiece is the round, rotating bed. I have added a copy of Playboy (of the appropriate period) on the pull-out table. On the TV overhead Playboy After Dark is running. In a later animated fly through we will be able to see and hear some of this as Heff is interviewing Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate.
  • The thing I like about 3D is that we can see more of the space than the Architect's drawings allow. By pulling back to this wider view, we can see a bit of the dressing area, separated from the rest of the room by an armoire which "els" out from the cabinetry along the wall. In the section it appeared that there was a picture on the wall. I decided that it was Miles Davis. A signed photo no doubt.

    Here is a reverse which shows the other end of the room. In the background we can see the spiral staircase leading down to the living room. A bit to one side of that is the door to the bathroom which was never shown, but described as quite luxurious... may be later. On the wall here is a photo of Alan Ginsberg, also signed, of course. Unseen here is a third photo which flanks the bathroom door. It is of Norman Mailer. All appropriate people for the time and Heff's sensibilities, I think. Lastly against the wall which does not appear in any of the drawings, I was on my own. I added an old school turn table, stero tuner, amp and speakers. A large Dali hangs on the wall above.

    Oh, yes! And Virna Lisi has come for a visit. After her appearance in "How To Murder Your Wife" with Jack Lemon which took place in a very similar bachelor pad, I just had to include her.
  • Erasmus wrote:
    It's a "guy thing".
    Hehe :D

    Spectacular pictures, once again. Please, keep 'em coming!
  • Wow, very cool! I love the level of detail you're putting in. Keep up the awesome work :)
  • Here's a view from in front of the bar just off the kitchen looking across the pool toward the recreation room and sauna at the front of the house. This is trying to duplicate one of the Architect's renderings as closely as possible. Next I'll do some more of this area and the kitchen that show more.
  • Here are a couple of angles that show the Kitchen area that is not visible in the detail rendering. Much of this can be seen in the section, but a lot is left up to the imagination, and here I have filled in as best I could. First a reverse which shows the bar with the kitchen area behind it and the dining table in the foreground. Hef is at the table having a drink as he has just had a meeting with Andy Warhol and Stanley Kubrick in the study one floor up and that would drive any man to drink. Details of the study and its occupants to follow. The elevator door is visible to the right. This would be one's first stop when riding up from the basement and garage. In the background we discover the kitchen with all the latest '60's amenities and Terry Thomas serving as butler as he did in "How To Murder Your Wife". Next to the bar is a door opening on to stairs leading down to the servants' quarters and the rear entrance to the house. A Pantry separates it from another door which leads to stairs up to the study.

    Finally we see a detail view of the kitchen. A center island houses the cooktop with a stainless steel vent above. Behind that is the latest state of the art "Radar Range" and oven. To the right of that is the "Houseman's" headquarters with a desk for paperwork and a control center which accesses the video monitor to the entrances, control of all curtains in the house,etc.
  • Great stuff!
  • If we walk out to the edge of the dining area by the pool we can get a better look at the Atrium and the recreation room beyond. This is party central and things are really starting to get going now as Frank Sinatra is on his way down the stairs from the Living Room upstairs. We also get a glimpse of the Master Bedroom above that.
    On pillows and lounges in the rec room, Ursula Andress and Anita Eckberg are lounging while a topless Playmate cavorts in the pool. A changing area and sauna are at the opposite end of the room by the window and one wall is flanked by cabinets in which reside towels, robes, bathing suits and other recreational amenities. We get an idea of how the atrium really opens up the space here with a three story clear area above the pool to the sliding glass roof above.
  • We are standing in the living room looking out the sliding glass doors past the chessboard to the atrium. The pool is one level below us. Directly across the way is the Study, not directly accessible from the living room for privacy. Stanley Kubrick and Andy Warhol look down on the party from the study sliding glass doors.
  • Awesome. I'm loving all of these!
  • Here's the living room. This is duplicating the Architect's rendering as closely as I can. I changed the round coffee table he had to an amoeba shaped one which seemed right for the period.
  • Great view of the atrium!
  • I like how you did the Atrium - it's the part that I like best in the design.
  • Here's another angle on the living room and the party is in full swing. Ah, those crazy kids! The Rat Pack looks on as Ann Margaret and Elvis shake a tail feather to music from the nearby reel to reel tape recorder. Plenty of vinyl albums and 8 track tapes ready in the shelves while Playboy After Dark is on the color TV. Of course every flat surface has an ash tray, booze and copies of the Master's literary efforts.
  • Hehe :D Good stuff!
  • It takes an extremely wide angle lens to see the entirety of the atrium from the pool all the way up to the sliding glass roof which at present is partially retracted.
  • Quite spectacular!
  • Yeah, its really the heart of the house and would have to be really impressive to guests upon entering. To have something like this in the middle of the city would really be above and beyond the call of cool and was the main reason I just had to model it.
  • This is great stuff :D
  • Have to concentrate on paying work for a while, but I'll be back to do the rest of the pad.
  • Here are a couple of views of the sanctum sanctorum. The study. This room is only accessible via the elevator which has floor lock capability or the service stairs. Hef is taking a meeting with Stanley Kubrick, Andy Warhol and Steve McQueen.
  • Interesting company. ;)
  • Cigarettes everywhere! They all have them in their hands and I can't help thinking how many of these guys are dead now (like McQueen) from cancer.
  • Here are some shots of the guest bedroom. Staying the weekend are Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate. In the first image you will notice a copy of Playboy on the table. It is the March 1967 issue which features pictures of Sharon taken by Mr. Polanski. I'm not trying to be macabre here, but there was a dark side to the swingin' sixties and they were at the heart of it as well as the Playboy scene. On the TV is Playboy after dark where Hef interviews Roman and Sharon regarding "Sex In The Movies". She had just done Valley of the Dolls and he was doing Rosemary's Baby.
  • More magnificent pictures, sir! The detail you work into these graphics is superb.
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    Thank you, Sir. That's the benefit of it just being a hobby. I never have time to do that on deadline driven paying jobs.
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