Steampunk trend?

In a shopwindow in Harderwijk I found this device:


I didn't go into the shop to inform about the price and all - it was sunday and Harderwijk is closed on sundays. The thing looked new - an item suited to the modern steampunker who'd rather drag such a thing with him that using the photosoftware of his mobile telephone.

I do think steampunk is getting mainstream with objects like that in more or less ordinairy shops.


  • Very nice indeed! (And I think I spot a Confederate flag behind there too!)

    As for steampunk becoming more mainstream, I definitely agree though I don't think most people realize it's "steampunk". Rather, I'd describe it as a general revival of turn-of-the-century design sensibilities, perhaps more obvious in fashion where I think one can observe a trend of 1920s/30s/40s-inspired clothing. Suits, waistcoats, hats, all seem to be becoming more popular.
  • That is a wet-plate camera, minus a lens. This is what is used to make ferrotypes/tintypes (on metal plates), daguerrotypes (on a mirror), and ambrotypes (on glass)...all wet-process photography. Looks like a nice camera body! There are a growing number of wet-plate artists around the world, and they covet those old cameras. A Collodion photographer friend of mine has a box like that, plus a giant one that takes a much larger plate which he uses for landscape photography.


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    You can't see it on the picture, Nebutron, but there was a lens in the round hole at the front.
    Wet plate isn't common anymore, so I wonder if inside that apparatus a more modern technique might hide?
  • Either way it would still be interesting.

    To my eyes, that shop window, with its camera and CSA flag look like it may be appealing to those with an interest in the historical rather than the Steampunk. However, the two do seem to overlap.

    As an aside, thank you for the information on photography Nebutron.
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