These Soviet WIG vehicles have been mentioned here before, but I never realised the level of investment and R&D which went in to these craft.

2007_08_07_ekranoplan1.jpg There were civil variations and military ones.

lun_ekranoplan.jpg Missile-'cruiser' variants.

The ideas of WIG (Wing In Ground) Effect vehicles are apparantly being re-assessed by some Western deffence companies.


  • Why, it seems they had a whole fleet of these things planned!
  • There's a lot of stuff being revisited, now the technology has improved since the designs were first envisaged - lighter, stronger materials, improved fuel etc.
  • Composites, I hear, are the main advancement which has allowed them to look to these.
    A company called AvPro were looking into the development of large in-theater transport vehicles and small Special Forces insertion systems.
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