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In the holidays I went to København and in the Friland Museet I bought the Varehuset Gloria Main Catalogue of 1912. Click.

The "Varehus" (Magazin) Gloria was something like Harrods (London), but then in København. The catalogue is enormous. Browsing it makes you drool for all those vintage objects that you can't buy in a normal shop anymore. They range from clothes and fashion accessoires to utensils for the horse and from scientific instruments to bicycles and childrens toys.
In the facsismile edition, the introduction contains the wages of common jobs at the time (1912), so you can compaire the wages to the prices and see how expensive the things were (or not).
The language is Danish but each article comes with a picture. Apart from some articles that are now rather unknown, it is easy to see what it is. Though knowing a bit Danish makes it more fun.

Buy this whenever you find it - hours of fun guaranteed.


  • And then there is Tivoli in København, which dates from the middle of the nineteenth century, which gives it a kind of "Victorian" feel, plus many rides are somewhat steampunky.

    See my video.

    If you get tired of all that, the city itself is nice. It burned down somewhere at the end of the eightteenth century, so many buildings date from Victorian times (as far as I understood).
  • Huh, sounds like an interesting vacation spot. I suppose I'll add it to my list of places I probably won't get to visit until I retire unless there is some interesting biological phenomena which I could get a grant to study...
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