SalonCon Flyer

I don't how many of you are familiar with SalonCon. If you aren't, you may want to take some time to acquaint yourself, especially if you reside inside the United States.

Anyway, they had a contest to design their promotional flyer for this year's event. Much to my surprise, I won! I still don't quite believe it. I debated whether or not to share it here, but with other people sharing their work, I decided that I would. As an aside: I made the background with an image of a fashion plate from the 1860s.


  • Very nice indeed! I'm sure it would look lovely in print too :)

    From what I gather about this Convention, it seems quite unfortunate indeed that I do not reside in the United States. Considering my upcoming trip to the East, I'm afraid that I shall not be able to afford a ticket overseas for this event either. I do presume you shall be attending?
  • Most definitely! I also somehow ended up on the Decoration Committee. I suggested a theme for the Ball and sent the staff a sketch of what it could look like and I suddenly find myself managing decorations. Funny thing that.

    I attended last year and had an absolutely wonderful time! It is very unfortunate that you cannot come, but completely understandable as there is a rather large ocean between your location and the event location. ;)
  • I'm hoping to be able to attend SalonCon this year - though I try to limit myself to one con a year and I'm going to Seattle for Norwescon at the end of this month. There promises to be a good Steampunk turn out, however, so I'll try to document. ;)
  • Please take pictures if you can!

    SalonCon is very affordable compared to most conventions. It is $25 for advance purchase tickets and only $15 for students. The hotel, which is very pretty, has a convention rate of $79.00 per night. That rate will get you either a room with two twin beds or a room with a king bed! I was very excited because last year was the first time that I had ever slept in a king sized bed. :)

    As for Steampunk, SalonCon is hosting an official Steampunk Meetup for Friday evening. Also, some people dress in Steampunk attire for the entire event.

    I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to wear. Whenever I'm sure I've decided what to wear, I think of something else! I know what I'm wearing to the Ball though. I'm positive about that one!
  • I'm always Victorian. Every for me SalonCon and other events like DoV are nothing out of sorts..Though I'm trying to get a steampunk outfit together for Friday. I'm actually attending this year! I know a few more people who are involved in organization and such as well.
  • The abundance of my clothing is exactly the problem. I can't decide what pieces to wear. There is also the part of me that says I should make or buy something new and flashy. (I already have done a little of that. *blush*) I want to look extra-specially great!
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