CONELRAD: All Things Atomic

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The Cold War was a very strange time for American popular culture. Fear of nuclear holocaust and communist conquest combined with patriotism and good old-fashioned hucksterism to create a body of work chronicling America’s dialogue with itself and the struggle against the Red Menace. ...

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  • Conelrad,heh heh. Ihaven't seen a conelrad set in years, I used to see them once in a while in junk heaps and flea markets. It reminds me of the fallout shelters that people use to bury in their yards. You can see them now and then if you know what to look for. When you drive through neighborhoods built in the fifties, look for big humps in the yards about the size of a car and a foot or two tall. Most people don't even know they have a shelter in their yard, the people who installed them generally covered the hatch over after the Missile Crisis.
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    You'll be needing them again if the ant invasion occurs!

    Nick, there's something up with the link.
  • I forgot the ants..... probably part of the communist plot.:D
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