The Guns of Navarone

Not very dieselpunk, of course, but set in WW2, so still fitting the Cafe, me thinks. I just saw this one, for the second time, for it was broadcast on television, and a classic like this is something one cannot afford to miss out on, eh?

The Guns of Navarone is a 1961 film based on a 1957 novel about World War II by Scottish thriller writer Alistair MacLean. It stars Gregory Peck, David Niven and Anthony Quinn, along with Anthony Quayle and Stanley Baker. The book and the film share the same basic plot: the efforts of an Allied commando team to destroy a seemingly impregnable German fortress that threatens Allied naval ships in the Aegean Sea, and prevents 2,000 isolated British troops from being rescued.

By today's standard, the film may not be much impressive. The plot is rather slow, and the special effects sometimes laughable. That doesn't at all undo the charm of this old movie though. Plus, it's got Gregory Peck and David Niven in it!



  • At New York Comic Con last weekend, I attended a session about World War II in comics. One of the panelists pointed out that then, as now, you put Hilter on the cover of anything and it will sell.

    Seeing the Guns of Navarone, I am reminded of my childhood when my dad was proud his boy loved WWII movies as much as he did. Guns is admittedly a slow paced and at times awkward 'action movie' but it was a film made when war movies were growing, maturing beyond the propaganda tales of melodrama. They were creating new mythologies about the war.

    With movies like 'The Longest Day' and A Bridge Too Far, World War II had its share of reality based works. But its stuff like Guns of Navarone, the Dirty Dozen, The Eagle has Landed that gave WWII a whole new lease on life on film.

    Westerns are a genre that seemingly will never make a come back. But World War II flicks apparently, are a well that will never go dry.

    And like I say to fellow writers...need a bad guy...make em Nazis.

    Giant guns, secret bases, commando teams. Ah the makings of my childhood fantasies.
  • While browsing through pages and pages of threads I stumbled upon this one and a broad smile appeared on my face :D
    "The Guns Of Navarone" is one of my absolute fave books. not only by Alistair MacLean but also in general.
    I watched the movie after reading the book and though it's not bad, it just never can't match the book.
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