The Hague in yesteryear

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On this site you can find many old pictures of The Hauge, a city shaped in Jugendstil. There's lots of streetcars on the pictures too. Some pictures are younger and fit more in a dieselpunk era.

Some of my favorites (and for those who are too puzzled when reading Dutch):
Station Hollands Spoor
Scheveningen Beach (and the Kurhaus)
Palace Hotel
Slums of Scheveningen
Around the corner (from where I live)


  • Quite lovely indeed!

    Looking at those pictures, one would wish they hadn't changed so much about the city in our times.

    Moved this to Aetherscope by the way, for I think it fits steampunk just fine.
  • Indeed, very lovely!
    I've only been to The Hague once myself sadly, but I do remember it was a lovely city.
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