Steampunk Tree House

see Steampunk Tree House

Might have been mentioned elsewhere but I counldn't find it here.
My opinion: anything rusty with cogwheels can pass for steampunk nowadays...


  • Well I do think the... structure, has a certain steampunkian quality to it. It reminds more more of Wild Wild West though than mainstream steampunk aesthetics -- but didn't you suggest that we shouldn't try to limit our understanding of what's "steampunk" and what isn't? :P

    I don't consider the Tree House an epitome of steampunk design, though. There isn't much "steam" about it, for one, but perhaps the steampunk-ness is more evident in the philosophy of building ones own house rather than relying entirely on modern architecture and manufacture?
  • Well the structure itself wasn't very mindblowing (I know some industrial area's with the same look), but if you look at the pictures... the steampunk vulture has something about it...
  • I like it, but i understand what you're saying Yaghish.
  • I also think it is a nice structure, but not overly steampunk. I definitely see where Yaghish is coming from - it does look a lot like stuff salvaged from an industrial area and cobbled together. They could have done more to steamify it. However, I bet once it is populated with Victorian Anachronauts, it will look a lot more steampunk.
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