Steampunk in the home

Not much steampunk, but I try and decorate a bit old-fashioned and thought you might find some of these.. inspirational? ;)

Some pictures of my desk, which I don't use an awful lot (usually with my laptop on the couch) -- which is why it's so organized! ;)

Here's a globe a bought about two months ago. They had a huge version of thing which cost more than 100 euro. This one was relatively cheap.

And I clock I got for my birthday last year from friends.

Please do share your own steampunkian, Victorian, or just generally old-fashioned... stuff. ;)


  • Hmm, apart from my hotch-potch antique book collection (most definitley NOT shelves upon shelves of brown shiny leather bound tomes, though XD) there's not too much i can do with my uni room, and my room at home has no free space in it (and when i leave here i'll have to find room for even more books, ack). There IS a shop around here that does antique globes though XD.

    Hmm, ought to go looking around the antique shops for some Magnet tomorrow, to celebrate 100 years! it started on the 25th of Feb 1908
  • A recent purchase...

    I'm not exactly sure *what* they are. Obviously they seem like posters, but they're actually some sort of flexible metal, which, I suppose, makes it possible to advertise them outside in dismal weathers.

    Of course I chose to do no such thing and instead they decorate my kitchen now. I found them at a local antiques shop which sells mostly merchandise of low quality and has a most unappealing odor to it. These, to the contrary, were a most fortunate find indeed!
  • Lovely Mr. Ottens! I know I have seen reproductions of that Ship Poster before. Both are beautifully Deco.

    I have been meaning to take pictures of the room I recently redecorated. I really should do that.
  • Why please do! It's always fun and sometimes even inspiring to see how fellow steampunk enthusiasts live.
  • Those metal signs are very popular in the UK, they turn up in assorted art, seaside tat and "alternative" shops, and also on market stalls. Most are based on old beer/car adverts, or else say "X Parking only, all others will be crushed", with the car company of your choice (I suspect Wartburg are unavailable though)
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    Ottens wrote:
    And I clock I got for my birthday last year from friends.
    Where did that clock come from? I really like it! It's vaguely Edwardian without being "precious". The clock in our bedroom just died, and I definitely try to keep things 19th c or earlier in our house...

    Pics of our place coming soon.

  • I found it at a locale antiques shop, so I doubt it would be available for purchase on-line or by similar means.

    I will try and remind myself to find out the clock's brand, perhaps that might be of help. (I'm currently not at home.)
  • I beleive you can buy simple battery powered 'workings' of clocks for quite cheap (we made clocks in the 'making things' class at school once) and with a little patience you could build your own one. Or else modify a cheap shop-bought one.
  • You've seen some stuff from my apartment now. Here's how it should look like...

    Well, not entirely, perhaps -- I dont' like the chair to the left.
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    That ceiling fan is gorgeous! It's rare that I find myself so enamored of a fan.

    I agree about the chair though. It's too stripe-y.
  • Here's another wonderful ceiling fan, posted by someone over at TSF:

  • A few views of the top of the hutch for my computer desk at home.


    Closer views are available on the Flickr tagset - along with some pictures of the taxidermy kit, also posted over in the projects thread.

    The walls are a little bare at the moment, but I'm getting ready to move, so everything will be uprooted and rearranged anyway. The new house promises to have some very steam/dieselpunk areas in it, so I'll document that as well. ;)
  • Ottens wrote:
    I recalled how we had collectively disregarded the striped chair depicted in this otherwise perfect steampunk living room. So when I found this lovely armchair, I was naturally compeled to share it with you.

  • *wipes drool off keyboard*

    That looks like it would be much more at home in such a living room!
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    These aren't very flattering pictures of my lounge I'm afraid, (Oh, and there's too many) but here goes;


    - Window and sill: I think I allready posted a pic of the telephone some time ago.


    - Close up of the important things.



    - Book Case.


    - Wall with Picture of the Royal Artillerey and african mask. His name is terrence.


    - Swords and umbrellas, oh, and the deckchair; essential summer Pimms drinking equipment.


    - My clock in the hallway.

    P6100298.jpg- Prepared for attack from French, Jerry, Martians or Ghast!
  • I don't remember that telephone, but do adore it! Quite lovely indeed! I'm also particularly fond of your clock, which is rather maritime and makes a nice addition to the colonial theme. I wish I had a fireplace--an actual working fireplace! :D

    Is that a portrait of General Montgomery there on top of your bookcase?
  • Yes, it is :D it used to be one of Rommel, and I may change it again soon, not sure to whom though..
  • Eisenhower?
  • After the 'war of the memoires'? I'd sooner have Patton. I'm thinking Errol Flynn or Harrison Ford as Indy..
  • I'd go with Patton.

    In spite of being a great Indiana Jones-fan, somehow a portrait of Ford strikes me as rather too "popular" for a steampunk enthusiast.
  • I'd probably agree with you there.
  • I don't have many 'punk things in my house (yet). Not because Bert and I don't want to have them, but because we don't really seem to bimble accross them.
    We do have this really cool fully operational Remington typewriter :)
    My grandmother on my father's side bought it for him secondhand for his graduation from university, and when I was 18 and he retired he put it up in the attic. From which I recently moved it to my dinky little duplex flat :)

    It's a family heirloom and I'm never ever getting rid of it :)


    I'm not the only one that has put a typewriter in their house as a design element, my friend Krikke (who is not into any type of 'punk) has put his Remington on display as well. It's more recent than mine though.

    Sadly I don't know the years of build of either models.


    Next thing I want to get for the house is a gramophone, they sell a lot of them on ebay, but I think I rather get one on a flea market like I did the last time I got my hands on one.
    Back in the late nineties I got a real antique one that was dirty and broken for 100 old Belgian francs (which is about € 2,5ish) and a friend of mine repaired it for me. But because it was sitting around my dad sold it (for a LOT more then I paid for it I can assure you) and put the money in my savings account.
    I'm still sulking about that.

    Oh and a nice antique look globe wouldn't go amiss either.

    I'm still trying to convince Bert to let me paint the wooden chairs in the house in sakura and gear pattern, but so far I'm not having any luck.
  • Your Remington is beautiful! Your friend's is rather more dieselpunk, but your own is perfectly steampunk indeed! Quite lovely.

    I do recommend you get a turntable. I have one myself and mostly listen to LPs--music just seems so much more real when listen from an LP compared to a CD.
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    Thank you kindly Ottens, I'm really very fond of it myself :)
    As is Krikke of his.
    I'd like to do a photoshoot once using both machines, but I need to work on the possibilities of that some more first :)
    (If I ever get around to it, I shall make sure to share results here!)

    I have a turn-table, but it's very 80ties and gigantic, so it's still residing at my parent's house. When I still lived there I used it all the time. Unless for music that wasn't released on that medium.

    I would invest in a smaller one, but I really lack the room to put it, getting that would mean no gramophone, and I really have my heart set on one.
  • When I still lived there I used it all the time. Unless for music that wasn't released on that medium.
    Why, I wasn't aware that music worth listening to was produced after the demise of LPs? ;)
  • Occassionally it is, alas very seldomly :(
  • Jack-Vettriano-Bluebird-at-Bonneville-69099.jpg
    I just got this print at a shop near Boston, Lincs, and put it in a simple heavy-looking wood frame, should add a certain something to me' quarters.
  • I love that painting! I have it on display actually in the "Colonial Chamber", but it would be much better indeed to have it in print!
  • As seen in the Expo in Louvain, Belgium.

    (Expo is a shop that sells gadgets, posters and postcards, etc)



    The gears (bar the one which has the hands attached to it), all turn, which is really cool :)

    Sadly they're very pricey. There was a smaller sized version of the first ones too, but that was still super expensive :(
  • Expo used to have lots of great stuff, but it's gotten a bit too commercial and mainstream lately, but these clocks would definitely make a lovely addition to a steampunk-themed room. Even though they're rather expensive indeed... Then again, clocks usually are.
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