Steampunk Guide to Vienna

edited October 2008 in Steam
For those who haven't seen my latest videos and/or those who are interested in "What to do in Vienna being Steampunk*)", I made this video. I'll update the information later.

What I haven't seen is Vienna Airlines in the Prater. It's probably the best Steampunk thing in the whole city, so I'm a bit ashamed about not visiting it**).
Links: Prater Service, Prater, Park World, Riesenradplatz.

*) Or Dieselpunk for that matter
**) However, nobody else went in at the time and my medical condition is probably not suited for the flight.


  • Oh that's great, I'm definitely going to see that video!
    Bert and I want to go to Vienna at some point.
    I'm not going in the Prater either mind, I'm not risking my life (medical reasons as well).
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