Space Captain Smith

Space Captain Smith

Stumbled upon the link, maybe one is interested.


  • Seems neato! Every Spaceman must fight at least one clawman.
  • Entertaining. Thank you Yaghish.
  • Hello,

    This is quite surreal, but a friend of mine drew my attention to the page here. I wrote Space Captain Smith, so thanks for the mention!

    The story does have a pretty heavy steampunk influence: there’s the British Space Empire, spaceships with polished brasswork, teapots, a morlock horde and a race of Nazi ant-men hell-bent on taking over the galaxy (probably more dieselpunk). It’s all quite spiffy.

    Anyhow, thanks again for the mention. I suppose I should add that it comes out on the 8th of May – available at Waterstones, Amazon, etc…

  • This is amazing. Reminds me of Space: 1889 -- only better! Thanks for sharing the link, Yaghish and thank you for registering at the forums, Space Captain Toby! We're very glad indeed to have such a talented artists in our midst :)
  • Thank you Space Captain Toby! Your work looks great and it is wonderful to have you stop by! I'll be sure to get it when it come out.
  • It's a small world after all. I hope to hear more of the Space Captain!
  • edited February 2008
    Hmm, Dan dare*'s grandfather!

    *-No not the Virgin comic's Americanised "healing the disconnects of 9/11" cash-in-because-we-have-no-new-ideas cack. The original. Who still appears in the excellent self-published "Spaceship away" comic.

    EDIT-Oh yeah, forgot to mention i was in line already *furiously does those sudokus for the £25 book voucher, i spend enough on antique books as it is, no money left over for new ones!*
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