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We have created a Patreon page for Never Was. For $1, $2 or $10 per month, you can become our patron and help keep this magazine afloat!

When we relaunched The Gatehouse as Never Was in February, we decided we wanted to become more than a blog. Think of Never Was as a glossy online magazine, with long-form stories about art, architecture, history and genre theory as well as the event, book and movie reviews long-time readers have come to expect of us.

Moreover, we want to reach not only existing dieselpunk and steampunk enthusiasts, but readers who are interested in (alternate) history generally.

That means an investment on our part. Hosting the website is relatively cheap. The main investment is time — to research, write, edit and promote stories.

Which is why we joined Patreon. Never Was has always been a hobby for us and always will be. But being able to earn some money from it would go a long way to justifying the time we put into the magazine, plus it would be enormously motivating to know that people value our work.

Hilde and I are both freelancers. Between us, we write about 75 percent of all the content on the website. The more we can earn from writing for Never Was, the more we can write and the less time we need to spend on other projects.

Our first goal is to reach $500 per month. That is a reasonable target. If everybody who visits the website today commits to donating $2 per month, we’d reach it tomorrow. Of course, it will take a little longer than that, but that’s where the figure comes from.

In the medium term, I hope to reach $750 per month. That would allow us to continue writing and publishing three stories each week.

If we can reach $1,000 per month, we’d be able to pay contributors on a story basis. That seems a little ambitious at this point, but it is our long-term goal.

Please visit us on Patreon to learn more. Know that you can use your creditcard as well as PayPal to become a patron.

If you have any questions, post them here or contact me via

Thank you!

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