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Photographic Impressions of (Halloween in) Disneyland Paris

On Friday the 3rd of October, 3 days into this year’s Halloween season at their Disneyland Park, myself and Bert (a regular Gatehouse photographer) visited Disneyland Paris for exactly that, the Halloween celebrations, going on from October 1st to November 2nd.

That Disneyland Paris is a veritable treasure throve for steampunks and dieselpunks isn’t news, in fact, I wrote an article about it in the 2nd and 15th editions of the Gatehouse Gazette.

So in this post I won’t repeat myself, I will, however, share photos from (Halloween specific) steampunk in the Disneyland Park for your viewing pleasure.


Disneyland Hotel/park entrance

Part of the Disneyland Hotel/entrance building

The Disneyland Hotel, entrance to the Disneyland Park as well as their top of the range boutique hotel, completely in victoriana style both inside and outside.

City Hall goes Halloween

Halloween at City Hall, all buildings on Main Street USA are build reminiscent of the those in the Victorian era. During the Halloween season matching ghosts and in many cases, Jack o’ Lanterns and black kittens, are installed on the buildings, as well as orange banners.

Babershop trio

musical ghosts

The beautiful victorian gazebo is covered in musical ghosts in marching band uniforms.

Ghost reciting poetry

This gentleman is reading poetry to a female ghost he’s wooing.

penny farthings!

One of the slightly hidden gems (right accross from the entrance to the Discovery Arcade) is the back of one of the shops, called Kitty Hawk’s Bicycle Shop, where you can see penny farthings and vintage bike parts in the shop windows. There’s a penny farthing installed against the shop on the outside also, but the ghost riding it wasn’t particularly steampunk looking at all.

Flora's New Century Notions


Some examples of Main Street USA architecture.

Entrance to the Discovery Arcade

retro-futuristic poster

Orsam lamps display

The Discovery Arcade is all about science, retro-futurism and inventions.

sign + gaslight

A lot of the lighting in both the Discovery and the Liberty Arcade is actual gaslight.

Welcome to the Emporium

mural detail

The Emporium is the biggest store on Main Street USA, full of victoriana elements such as these beautiful murals (of which I sadly only have detail shots).

Glass in lead inventors & scientists

And then there’s this.

Glass in lead inventors & scientists

With portraits of scientists and inventors.

Coca-Cola truck

Halloween oldtimer

On Main Street USA there is a myriad of both moving (Main Street Vehicles) and parked oldtimers.

Dapper Dan's Hair Cuts

Fun with the Dapper Dan's mirror

Dapper Dan’s Hair Cuts is an actual barber shop, a replica from those back in the day. Sadly it is very seldomly open, I certainly have never been as Lucky as to find it open, but others may find themselves luckier!

Cable Car Bake Shop sign

Cable Car Bake Shop heating

Market House Deli sign

While the food served in restaurants on Main Street USA is contemporary, the restaurants are all themed and victorian in style.

Aviator pumpkin!

The most ‘punk Jack o’ Lantern of them all (and my personal favorite), on top of Casey’s Corner, the baseball themed hot dog joint (which I wouldn’t recommend).

Horse drawn street car goes Halloween

The Horse Drawn Street Car is around all year ’round (as long as the weather permits it as Disneyland Paris does take the care for it’s horses very seriously, thankfully!), but for the Halloween seasons both trams and horses are decorated for the season. This horse didn’t seem too pleased with his “costume” mind.


Frontierland is the second “land” where Halloween is very present. Normally it is all about the “Weird West” (rather than the Wild West) part of the Victorian era, with themed architecture all over the place.

Phantom Manor


Phantom Manor

Phantom Manor, Disneyland Paris’ version of The Haunted Mansion, with a different look and story at least. Currently it’s really needing a refurb so it’s not the most enjoyable ride at the moment, but it still looks fantastic (and you don’t need to go on it to enjoy the architecture, you can walk around most of the grounds).

Boot Hill Cemetary

Boot Hill Cemetary.

Pumpkin Saloon girl

Here they have all kinds of pumpkin people livening up the place during the Halloween season.
Such as this saloon girl outside of The Lucky Nugget Saloon. The Saloon is not only build like an actual saloon, but also features a stage where shows and performances take place from time to time.

Big Thunder Mountain

Big Thunder Mountain, the Frontierland rollercoaster (a very kid-friendly one at that, no high dives and no loopings, it’s just speed and turns). Ride in a victoriana style mine train that has gone haywire, it’s great fun (but try to do it early on in the day because unless you’re there durin low season, the queues tend to build up).

Big Thunder Mountain decor

One of the mainy cool decor pieces in Frontierland.

Frontierland is also home to the Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing, a boat ride on a replica Victorian paddle steamer, but for some reason the boats weren’t out that day so sadly no photos. Better luck next year!



Finding steampunk in Adventureland is a little less easy as it isn’t as steampunk themed as other lands, but it is around!
Areas to visit are La Giraffe Curieuse, Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Place (to look around rather to eat the cardboard tasting pizzas) and The Swiss Family Robinson Tree House. Although just walking around you will encounter bits and pieces of decor in the spirit of Victorian exploration all around.
Of course there is some dieselpunk to be found in the area of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril as well.


Meet Mickey Mouse

Fantasyland station sign

Mad Hatter's Tea Cups

Like Adventureland, Fantasyland is less focused on steampunk as the other lands.
But some of the architecture and shops fits the bill regardless with the Art Nouveau styling of the Meet Mickey Mouse building and Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups.
And the inside of Merlin L’Enchanteur is distinctively clockpunk.


entrance statue

Last but not least there is Discoveryland, which is full of steampunk, retro-futurism and futurepunk.

map of Discoveryland

Even the land’s map is set in a steampunk frame.

Café Hyperion

Hyperion detail

rear of the Hyperion inside the restaurant

The Hyperion Zeppelin of Café Hyperion isn’t just an outside decoration, oh no, it really goes through the outside wall!

Service station

Zeppelin clock

There’s not just zeppelins everywhere inside, there’s also drink dispensers for those that just want to get a drink without queueing, fully in steampunk style. And the toilets are furbished with Art Nouveau mirror frames. Sadly the show area part, called Videopolis, and the large dining area aren’t very steampunk at all, but hey, 50/50 is pretty great as it is.

Space Mountain: Mission 2

Space Mountain: Mission 2. The look is based on “From the Earth to the Moon” by Jules Verne.

The Nautilus

Insid the Nautilus

And of course the ultimate steampunk walk-through attraction: Les Mystères du Nautilus, based on Jules Verne’s classic “20,000 Leagues under the Sea“.

Jules Verne tribute

The tribute to the grandfather of science-fiction, Mr Verne, himself, reading: “All that is imagined can and must become reality” in French.

But that is not all, there is also Orbitron: Machines Volantes , which allows people to fly their own steampunk rocket and Autopia, where you can drive little dieselpunk style race cars.


Part of the Disneyland Hotel

Fantasia Gardens gazebo

Exiting the park, you pass by parts of the Disneyland Hotel, and through the Fantasia Gardens with it’s beautiful victorian style gazebos.

view on the Walt Disney Studios Park

If you like dieselpunk and deco architecture, you’ll likely love the atmosphere and look of most of the Walt Disney Studios Park. They don’t really do the Halloween season though so we didn’t visit that one this time.

World of Disney

You have to pass by Disney Village to really exit the parks, and the first building you come accross is The World of Disney Store. The outside looks more deco than the inside though.

dieselpunk car outside Annette's Diner

dieselpunk car outside Annette's Diner

And of course there is this retro 1950s style restaurant: Annette’s Diner, with these two oldtimers parked outside. While the cars on Main Street USA are all replicas, these two are originals.

If you walk toward the far end of Disney Village, to where the Panoramagique balloon is moored, you can also enjoy the deco architecture of the very dieselpunk Hotel New York (just like with all Disney hotels you can go in and look around the public areas) and the retro style posters on the ticket booth of Panoramagique.

Of course this is just a selection of our photos, you can see the full set here.
And if you want to see even more Disneyland Paris (steampunk) photos, click here.

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